Good Waifus In Harems (part 3)

clannad-full-6502Saying that a character is good is all subjective depending on what you want from an anime or what your standard of good characters is. Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if some people say that they enjoy tropes, after all, tropes only exist because the audience lets them exist, if nobody liked the trope then nobody would make it.

That being said it still doesn’t excuse an anime for lazily writing a character. I strongly believe that a character should be created first and then, if it suits the story better, made into the trope instead of just making a tsundere for the sake of having one in the harem.

I’m opening with this because nearly all harems are filled with these tropes e.g tsunderre, deadpan loli, op protagonist, kudere and yandere. Whilst at first I enjoyed watching these trope characters act in anime it quickly got boring as I found more and more shows that felt exactly the same. It wasn’t until I saw the awful “Infinite Stratos” clones of  “Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle” and “Hundred” that I realised that it wasn’t just my opinion that they we’re the same. They we’re actually the same show!

Let me describe one of these shows. One girl is in love with the MC but uses insults to try and disprove that and turn him away. Another acts very possessive of the main character, even going so far as to say that their married, one of them is very strong yet not as strong as the main character. This list can go on. There’s also a character who thinks that the main character is always really perverted and is constantly finding them in awkward scenarios, and lastly theirs also one main love character that the main character is more likely to end up with whilst the other characters in the harem are going to be pushed to the side. Can you guess which show it is yet? Can you? Or are you debating with yourself which fifty shows are the correct ones to put in the comments section. If you get the show right I’ll shout you out in the next post!

It’s shameful that so many shows can be described in this way, sure I might like these things every so often but it’s impossible to expect anyone to continuously watch these characters and still see them as individually fleshed out. Sure whacky characters are fun occasionally but there’s too many times when they’re not entertaining or too clichéd. For a harem to work for me the girl characters need to be fun and entertaining yet not a mirror or copy of other shows. Heck it doesn’t even need to do that, if a show can convince me that characters aren’t tropes (whilst still keeping the character interesting) when they are then that’s good enough. It would mean that I wouldn’t be so focussed on the quality of the characters.

I say this but anime’s do a bad job at convincing me that the characters aren’t rip offs of previously better characters. To me for bad characters to be truly redeemed the situation or story that they’re in needs to be interesting enough to take my attention away from the characters else I see it as less interesting and more trashy.

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