The Appeal Of Harem Anime (part 6)

shomin_sample_wallpaper_3_by_weissdrum-d9vt6z5If you’ve been keeping up with the harem saga that I’ve been writing then you may feel like I dislike harems. This was never my intention, as there are many harems that I enjoy (for the longest time two of my favourite shows we’re “Nisekoi” and “Seto No Hanayome” – both harems). As well as this the negative things that I’ve said about the show won’t always cause me to dislike it. E.G: I can handle a character that I don’t like and a save the girl ending is still something that I can still sit though. Yet all of the shows that I’ve liked or given positive scores too have had one very good aspect in it that I enjoyed.

That aspect is comedy. No matter how flawed or terrible the concept or idea if it’s funny I don’t care. In fact if the characters or concepts are horrible and it’s still funny I can still end up liking the show even more, even if it’s in an ironic way.

I suppose that your enjoyment depends on what you’re looking for and if you value comedy then I couldn’t recommend harems more.

I’m not the kind of person who finds fan service funny or even that good yet from time to time it can be funny if used in interesting ways. If you’ve seen prison school then you should know what I mean…  (Love that show even though it’s not a harem)

That being said not everything will cause you to laugh; fan service won’t always get you laugh’s however the situations and weirdness normally will (for me). Whilst “little busters” was a show that I couldn’t help disliking over all, the parts when they staged fights with stupid items we’re absolutely hilarious.  Instead of bashing the opponent with the “Pop up Pirate” the guy loaded it with swords until the head fired! It was so funny to see the character acting like that in a 1v1 brawl situation! Another example of a stupid thing that made me laugh was when out of the blue; the main character in “Shomin Sample” suddenly needed to pretend to have a muscle fetish.  This was funny as the MC had already been fantasising about thighs for the past few minutes and it was fun seeing him adapt. I hope you “gets!” this reference…

OK, that was pretty bad. Sorry.

The point is that as harems are completely unrealistic and weird they can make really strange jokes as well. It’s a completely new way that jokes can be used and for the longest time I really enjoyed them. The jealous guy joke was always one of my favourites yet it’s also considered an overused unoriginal joke. A trope if you will.

The way that I can justify liking this type of clichéd humour whilst also disliking a lot of common stereotypical scenarios is that I just can’t help but laugh when I see them. I don’t think it’s too weird to laugh at the same joke, that’s why I watched a lot of harem comedy – it always seemed funny to me. I’m sure that not everyone will agree with this and will say that they watch harems for other reasons, which is great!  It’s cool that other people can appreciate something that I don’t. However for me, comedy has always been a huge reason for why I carried on with harems and will continue to be the main thing that I look for from the genre.

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