Cheer Boys [Midpoint Review]

6uhl69neThis is a review that I posted to my anime list for the first 5 episodes of a show called cheer boys! It’s currently the highest rated review of cheer boys! On the website so I thought that I’d share what I thought of it at the midway point.

I’m pretty embarrassed by this review as I feel that the show went downhill pretty quickly from the first episode so it’s not really very accurate. As well as this, I wrote this in Summer2016 and I hadn’t watched very much sports anime (I still haven’t watched that many) so I know disagree with “I would consider this a must watch for fans of the sports” as I think other shows are way better. I’m currently watching the 3rd season of Kuroko No Baske and enjoying it way more. So watch that instead!

The Review

I first wrote this off as a generic sports type show but soon came to regret it much later as I enjoyed watching it a lot more than most anime this season.

The main appeal is the way the characters have to push through so many hardships to reach their near impossible goal of creating an all-male cheer leading team. This creates an emotional story of overcoming embarrassment, fear; trust and physical boundary’s which may prevent them from fulfilling their goal.

It’s the only anime I’ve seen to make me cry, laugh and simultaneously want to do a handstand in the same episode proving just how brilliant it is: normally it’s impossible to motivate me to do exercise. The show’s comedy is excellent and hits every time when it wants too. On top of this the character interactions are funny and sincere with great performances all round.

What’s also interesting is that their cheer leading team – the breakers – is based off of a real life male cheer leading team, adding to the interest of the show as its cool to think that some of these events may have actually happened in real life (though I’m sure a lot of them are made up).

Even though this anime doesn’t have a brilliant sound track or a memorable cast of characters theirs enough going on to make it enjoyable and heart-warming enough to work well. It can almost be inspiring if you like the characters enough.

I would consider this a must watch for fans of the sports genre and a refreshing show for anyone who is just bored and needs a good time filler.

More Explanation

The reason why the review is so positive is because its first and second episodes were great. It was enough to keep my interest for the next three episodes before I eventually dropped it because I couldn’t be bothered to continue. I kept up with this show only when I remembered too (because it’s not on Crunchy roll) so I eventually lost interest before deciding to drop it entirely. I could pick it back up but I don’t really want too.

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