Where I’m Going In 2017


(A screenshot From The Pro Crastinators Pod D Cast Live – None of these are me)

Happy New Year! I thought I’d write this post so that I could look back at it in the future to see whether I’ve actually done any of the things that I want to do.

There are several things that I’ll go in to but as this is on a blog site I’ll explain my plans for the blog first.

Goals for Blog

  1. Videos: I decided to make a blog after watching an anime you tuber who wrote blog posts. In all of his posts he has a video version which helps to explain his points. One of my first goals will be making a video version of my six blog posts about harem anime because it’s something that I think I’d find fun.
  2. Write about everything: As I write posts I always gain ideas for what else I can write. I have a long list of topics to talk about that’s not just talking about specifically anime shows. I’d quite like to continue with talking about specific genres like my harem posts. To do this I’ll want to watch more different types of anime which is something that I don’t mind doing.
  3. School Days: I have a big rant coming soon about school days; I will put my first point (videos) in the first part of this rant where I talk about school days as a Christmas anime.
  4. Keeping it up: I’ll aim to have a certain amount of blog posts out each month (8-15) unless I want to increase that. As I write I often lose track because I get an idea to talk about something else so I may put more posts out if I get more ideas. (I just had one now)
  5. Improve my writing: Get gooder
  6. Encourage commenting more: I’ve had several comments from one person which is great! Being able to influence people through my writing and receiving feedback is something that I only want to improve on. This could mean writing whole blog posts answering questions or changing things round if my current posts aren’t getting likes. (though I won’t change what I write too much, probably just the style of writing)

Personal Goals

  1. Know more about the production of anime. I want to learn more about how the industry works and the people who work in it so that I can appreciate the medium more.
  2. Get my friends into anime: Some of my friends used to watch anime but they don’t anymore, I want to be good at recommending shows to them and trying to sell them a show that’s interesting. I try to do this by telling them an interesting concept that a show has but it often backfires : “Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei is about a teacher who wants to kill himself but can’t!” this concept interests me however it put my friends off. By the way, watch Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei if you haven’t already.
  3. Catch up with one piece manga + read more manga: I watch a lot of anime but forget that there’s a lot of great manga that doesn’t have an anime adaptation so I want to see what’s out there that’s good but not in anime. Finishing one piece is so that I can watch a YouTube podcast called the “Pod D cast” where they do one piece chapter analysis and discussion. I’m already a fan of these people on the podcast so I want to be able to listen to them more. Once I catch up to chapter 832 (I’m on chapter 244) I’ll have loads of podcasts to listen too and it will be awesome.
  4. You may have guessed this earlier but I want to see how successful my YouTube videos can be. I have piano songs from the legend of Zelda, joke videos and analysis on my channel so it would be good to see it get some attention
  5. Play D&D: For Christmas I got the D&D starter set and have DM’d the first game session already, I want to continue playing it with my friends because it was fun.

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