School Days: A Christmas Anime


Christmas animes are actually quite rare, most of the time if an anime does have a Christmas episode it doesn’t often include a Christmas feeling. You know, like in those Christmas feel good movies.

Whilst school days doesn’t have a Christmas episode it starts from day one of the school year to a time near Christmas. For some reason I got it into my head that the show finished on Christmas eve because the visual novel has a song called “Christmas eve” in it so let’s just say that. It counts as a Christmas anime ok!

(By the way this post is a complete joke to set up my next school days post. Watch school days anyway. I should hopefully be able to feature the video here but I don’t know. Also this is the text version of the a YouTube video)

Even if it didn’t count it’s still great for getting you in the Christmas mood. I’m just going to say that there will be minor spoilers in this video, nothing that would hinder your enjoyment though, ok? If your worried just watch it first you’ll have a good time.

So the appeal of this show is the characters. These are Makoto kun, the guy with a retard for a friend, katsura san who can’t cook and last of all theirs Sekai, the one who brings them together.

It’s so uplifting and rewarding watching these characters develop their friendship and see them deal with stuggles and hardships that they face.

Let’s start off with the big mc Makoto kun who starts off as a borderline stalker but develops to become a better person. Taking a picture of Katsura actually led to something! The “excuse” for doing something like this is the cell phone picture challenge, hold a picture of a person on your phone for three weeks without anyone else knowing and they’ll fall in love with you! Yeah that is a bit stupid. The thing that it led too was Sekai noticing and helping Makie boy out. And she does! The interactions that Makoto has with katsura makes him a more confident and fulfilled person, though he still gets a harem on valentine’s day.

The big payoff for this is when the earth suddenly becomes threatened by aliens and zombies so makoto has to run aroundsaving everyone, it was his chance to show the world that he could make something of himself and he pulls through.

What about Katsura san? Well, she starts off as a shy nervous girl with no friends and yet again becomes more confident and stronger. She learns to interact well, express herself and ultimately become a sage at patience.

During this show there’s a little bit of drama, well something goes wrong and it pulls her apart from Makoto and the relationship. During this time she deals with rumours and aliens that cause her to toughen up, become a stronger person, and ultimately take the scenario into her own hands solving it with little help. This makes a brilliant progression story leading to a huge pay off to create the ultimate Christmas moment of jubilance when everything is resolved.

Now it’s on to sekai, the person who started all of this, without her nothing would have happened. As she already starts off as quite a nice character it’s quite hard to see her progression, though it’s definitely there. After setting  up the lovey dovey couple sekai is always seen hanging out with them, wait, isn’t that a bit strange? Why would she stay carrying on with the both of them? If she wanted them to be a couple why would she carry on being with them all the time, isn’t it a bit strange? If I didn’t know any better I’d say she loved makoto as well…

Actually I do know better!
She was in love with Katsura from the start! Why else would she want the best for her! This causes a struggle and conflict within Sekai leading her to struggle through. But yet again, it’s turned into something good, another Christmassy moment.

She becomes content with her life, valuing friendship over love and deciding to enjoy every day by having fun! It’s a great way to stop jealousy – start having fun instead. This comes together in the finale where she teams up with her pals to save the city what a here.

It’s not just the characters though it’s all of these interesting ideas, lovely moments and friendships that form together to create the perfect Christmassy experience.

Now I don’t want to ruin one of the events but I felt the need to in order to get my point across. Since no-one got it in the last video. So let’s talk about Valentine’s Day, or more importantly the whole episode. This will include characters that I’ve not told you about yet so pay attention!

The fact that these girls are bathing together shows how much they’ve grown. Most of these friendships were forged throughout the show so it’s good to see that they’re getting on well. Oh and of course Makoto wants to take a peek, he always wants too. However he’s able to stop himself by setting up a basket catapult to fire in his face, something that he wouldn’t have done in the first episode.

It’s also here that Sekai learns to not hold back due to a conversation with her mother. This leads to her being braver and showing Makoto the passion of her love through cooking. What’s good is that she actually gives her chocolate to him straight out! To you that may not seem like much but I’ve seen too many anime episodes where the girls fail to give chocolate to the guy and it sucks! So good one school days.

Then there’s this guy Sawanga – that guy. You know the one, always complaining about lack of love and disrespected by others. Yes! Even the comic relief character has progression. Through his good nature he actually gets valentines chocolates, wow.

It then ends with all of Makoto’s female friends giving him chocolate to represent their friendship and his progression from a sad unfulfilled person to a great guy. Look at how much they like him! They’re following him all over the place! And then they force feed him until he explodes? Well OK!

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