Moe Comedies: Lucky Star, Nichijou, Yuru Yuri

Do you ever want to like something so badly that you feel ashamed that you don’t actually like it? For me that thing is Moe comedies. When I talk about moe comedies I think about things like “Yuru Yuri”, “Luckystar” and “Nichijou”: Very respected and beloved comedies with a moe comedy aspect.

These are the shows that I just can’t get into. I’ve tried to watch lucky star three times and both Nichijou and Yuru Yuri twice and all of these times I haven’t liked them. It’s not like I dislike moe in general, in fact I really like “Gakkou Gurashi” and others.  It’s just that I can’t laugh at them.

This could partly be attributed to the over the top situation or the characters and the cute way they act however these aren’t things that I dislike in general and I tend to enjoy a lot of shows similar to these. Where the story doesn’t really go anywhere but it’s just funny, like “Nisekoi” for example. “Nisekoi” will have clichéd, unbelievable and unrealistic characters however I find it funny whereas I don’t when these moe comedies do it. I don’t really believe that the art style has anything to do with it so maybe I’m being unreasonable.

I understand that it’s a little unfair to group these three anime together based of genre and art style however these are vastly popular and have all been recommended too me before so I’ve noticed that I don’t really like moe and comedy together.

I don’t really have reasons why I don’t like their comedy as I feel like I should like it but I’ve come up with a few potential reasons for why I may not like it as much.

The first one (ironically) is the lack of realism. I know that all anime lack realism however moe as a style might be more unrealistic than most. I find it hard to see those characters as persons and instead find it unsurprising when they’re whacky or strange. The humour of some of these is a little out there so maybe it’s the extreme jokes that can sometimes happen. But that shouldn’t be the case as prison school was pretty out there and I liked that.

Mabey it’s the lack of realism in the faces which are cute, yet hard to believe so it’s hard to relate or get sucked into the characters world.

Another potential factor is that I don’t always recognise moe straight away. There are many shows that I’ve seen, enjoyed and not recognised as moe. Mabey I just subconsciously relate moe to bad and anything else to good. Some moe like this is “K-on” and “Squid Girl” which are hilarious (so this statement basically nullifies what I said earlier…ok)

This could partially be because I find moe hard to define, during writing this I needed to search “is [blank] moe?” just to check so it could just be that I don’t really know what to expect from a moe show. Maybe the high praise caused me to be let down or something. This seems quite likely as the reason why I liked squid girl was because I had no expectations for what I’d get going into it. The art style of these shows (K-on and Squid Girl) aren’t always 100% moe look so it may just be that I hate the style but I never know.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have to know it’s moe to dislike it though, I always like the idea of it, yet when watching, I find it boring.

To conclude, or to rather not conclude anything at all: I want to like moe comedies, I don’t like moe comedies, I don’t know why I don’t like moe comedies.

I hope you got something from this because I definitely didn’t. I really hope that their lots of comedies that I enjoy but just don’t realize are moe, if you have time/ if you care go to and tell me anything that I like that’s a comedy and a moe that I didn’t already realize was moe in this post.

I’d really like to have the “Oh! That is moe!” moment so thanks. Sorry if you expected a review of these but I don’t like to write reviews and I prefer giving ideas on a more general level instead of just one specific show (or three specific shows)

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