Sports Anime’s Are Better Than Real Sports

This may seem a bit nerdy however I think watching sports anime is better than watching actual sport. Heck, if you don’t even like anime, watching sports films is better than watching real sport.

First I feel it’s important to explain how sports anime is nothing like watching sports. Writing this was inspired by one of my friends who made the stupid statement: “Why would I watch sports anime when I can watch real sports?” After ranting to him about how stupid that statement was he still didn’t seem to care.

The point is that the two things are different enough that you can consistently like one type of entertainment more than the other for valid reasons. The title’s not saying that sports anime is better; it’s saying that I find sports anime better.

You could like actual sports more because they’re real and are popular however you could dislike them because they’re all boring, the games don’t mean anything, there are no consequences for losing, you don’t support  a team, When you’re watching a team you don’t care about it’s boring, when you’re watching a team you care about it’s still boring, there’s no action, the play is constantly starting and stopping and the games often run into extra time leading other TV shows to be cancelled.

Consequently you could like watching sports anime more because it tells a meaningful story, you get to know the characters personally, it makes you care about winning, it looks cool, the story makes sense, it’s often with school students so it’s relatable, the characters don’t act like arseholes outside of the game, it’s funny to watch, it’s very extreme with really cool impossible things happening. I could go on forever however to provide a balanced argument, you might not like watching sports anime’s because: You’re dumb, you can’t read subtitles fast enough or you don’t know which ones to watch.

So there’s a huge difference between sports anime and real sports (besides the fact that one’s good and one isn’t) as your coming for different things. Anime will provide you with a fun, cool, interesting narrative with compelling reasons for why you want the characters to do well however sports will provide you with watching people who are good at sport play sport well. Actually is that even true? I often get the impression that most sports “fans” don’t actually like the sport as they just shout at the TV the whole time; it’s hard to see how these people enjoy sports when they’re complaining how at how bad they’re own players are.

Ok, hyperbolic rant over. If you support a team I can see why you’d enjoy watching they’re games however I don’t see why you’d support that team.  Just because you live in their city or your parents support them doesn’t mean that you support them. I haven’t asked one sports fan who’s given me a good reason to support a team however I can give plenty of reasons for why I can support teams in anime.

Let’s use the team of Seirin from “Kuroko No Basket” who I support. Support, as in I want them to win and do well – I obviously don’t have a massively strong attachment to them.

First of all, you know the people on the team and what they’re like, you know their ambitions, dreams, personalities and issues giving you a strong attachment to them as a team. That way you care whether they lose or not as you’re rooting for them to do well, somehow I don’t think the same thing can be said for any professional team.

Sorry, I tried to make this non-biased but it’s hard when you hate watching sport and enjoy watching anime. You can have your own reasons for liking real sports and that’s fine, I just hope that I’ve convinced you that there’s a meaningful difference between the two kinds of entertainment and it’s perfectly valid for one person to like a certain type of entertainment over the other.

6 thoughts on “Sports Anime’s Are Better Than Real Sports

  1. The main reasons that I don’t like sports anime is because there’s no bragging rights, I don’t feel a connection with the teams in the show, and I don’t find them exciting like a close football or basketball game.

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  2. Well sports anime is designed with the goal to be entertaining first. Actual sports can be exciting too but the goals of the teams are too actually win. So real games aren’t always exciting.

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