A Better Deconstruction Of The Harem Genre?

schooldays09-01bigSchool days is great if you want a deconstruction of the harem genre however I fell like there’s better.

For example, in early 2016 I started writing a book in the harem genre, it aimed to explain why the harem happened whilst not delivering the typical story that most harem fans are used too. I wrote 6 chapters: Strange Thought Pattern, optimism, inside a dead classroom, thank you harem gods, the head teacher is angry and last day before holidays.

They we’re created with reality in mind, the book starts off very rooted into reality first, and then breaks off into a more anime harem scenario (reasons for this explained later). It shows an average guy and how he randomly gains a harem. Despite this that’s not what the book is about because it also aimed to subvert expectations and be about something different.

As the main character started to gain a harem, he started to care less about everything else until everything backfired (not in the school days way)

The idea (which was not executed well) was that as the MC (Josh) was walking home he wished for a harem and eventually got it. As he got the harem, horrible and strange things started happening without him realising until he got so oblivious to reality it was painful. This would all be told behind the scenes, there would be loads of moments that just seem coincidental but are really linked. I’m happy with the way I implemented those things but I’m not happy at how weird it sounds to explain what happened without the MC realising.

There’s a very good chance that I’ll rewrite and improve these chapters to release on this blog so if you don’t want to be spoiled then don’t read on. However if you are interested in this story tell me in a comment.

The head teacher of the guy’s school is evil and he planned everything. It’s hard to remember everything as I wrote it a long time ago so some things may sound extremely weird or stupid and I don’t know if that’s because I’m remembering it wrong. The head teacher had some crazy power (like the ones in charlotte for example) and he needed to sacrifice school boys of secondary school age to keep his powers going. To do this he starts sacrificing all of the boys at the school he’s the head teacher of. Despite this, ordinary school boys weren’t always good enough for him (think of Hunter X Hunter when the ant king needed the most powerful fighters for food).  So he injects Joss with a vaccine that takes over his body and makes him better fuel for his power.

This has no noticeable side effects except for the first day yet it takes a lot of time for this to happen. So he decides to start distracting him by using his powers on the girls to distract him by giving him a harem. (I portray this as horrible btw – I’m not a creep). This happens until the head teacher tries to kill him and he escapes. (Or does he?).

That’s all that I can really give away as there’s a lot of minor things that aren’t worth talking about. Reading back on this I can see many plot holes which I’m sure I could explain at the time yet can’t explain now. I only wrote about 6,000 words so I don’t really know how the story would have panned out just that I found it interesting.

I used a lot of moments and situations for my past to make it easier to write – describing is way easier however it’s led me to find it really cringey (which may have been intentional just to show how the MC would never get a harem in his life) so I’ll have to rewrite pretty much everything.

So, is it a better deconstruction than school days? I don’t really know by knowing the concept alone so I guess I’d have to actually write it to find out.

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