The Problem With Writing/blogging

The problem with writing is that it takes too long and by the end of it, it’s probably not even that good. I guarantee that I will either finish writing this quickly or be unsatisfied with its quality or I’ll just give up after trying to perfect it for so long.

The biggest problem is rechecking, making sure you don’t repeat words too often, your sentences aren’t boring and make sense. Re-reading this over and over again is wasting my time and it doesn’t even read well. What I’d normally do is rewrite and edit but NOOO! Reading and checking this is boring, if I want something to exist it should be easy however I have to funnel through, recheck and change my writing to “communicate a point better” or to “sound more sophisticated”, well no more! Writing’s hard! You expect me to check through this stupid post? How dare you.

And why do I need to plan? If I want to make something structurally well-made then of course I need a plan. This is where my writing usually stops. If I don’t make a plan fast enough I’m screwed. One of two things always happens. I know I’ve been using the word either to describe two different events happening but I don’t care! If the same structure conveys a point better what does it matter? Why should I have to go out of my way to make the point worse but the paragraph better!

When planning I write my ideas out but lose commitment to writing it, or I don’t make a plan and forget my idea. The only way I planned this one was when I wrote stuff down every time I thought of a new idea. (This actually happened twice while I wrote that last sentence)

Writing this is boring, it’s because each idea is too long, as soon as I start I want to move on instantly but I have to go in more deph just so the filthy casuals won’t complain that this rant doesn’t have substance. If it wasn’t for my iron will I would have already changed the subject to spelling by now.

Speaking of spelling it sucks. Whenever I give a piece of writing tio someone they always criticise spleeling. Why should it matter? Who do I offend by spelling a word worng? As long as you understand it, it doesn’ty matter. Spelling is the least important thing in a piece of work. Most people don’t read the way I want them too. Instead of writing and thinking about the point that you’re making they’re occupied with stupid things like; “Ohhhh, spely it wrong”,”you didn’y talk about this”,”this is bumf”. YOUR BUMF. (I kept all of the typos that I accendently left in in that sentence).

I hate it when instead of disagreeing people try to explain things to you as if it’s fact. First of all, please think, you moron. Challenge yourself. Just because someone is annoyed at something simple doesn’t mean you should explain it. Acknowledge how stupid it is. The most recent example (and you’ll be able to tell that I wrote this a long time ago for this example) was the US election which was stupid because the person who got the most votes lost. (Not that I care a whole lot who won, just how they won). (This is where I test if you were paying attention), If you thought that I was stupid and started to explain the election in your head then you’re not a good enough reader. Anyone else who made that mistake is just ignorant but you just read about this and were warned. I know how the Electoral College works. You people who try to explain don’t consider the points that people make. You have your own set of values that your too stubborn to change and you can’t be challenged at all because you don’t think to think. The point is, what is democracy if the majority don’t get what they want? It’s a DEMOCRACY!


Despite this I’ll still get you same people affecting me in ways you never realised, it’s any writers dream to write about what they want, that’s why tangents exist, because they want to talk about them. Why shouldn’t people use tangents, in fact a tangent should be made a valid language device! It allows me to write whatever without making a single point about anything. If you think this is a tangent then you may just be right, after all this is happening just after a massive tangent about an election that doesn’t even affect me.

Alright I’ll try to calm down now. The word that I hear quite often which annoys me is the word savage. (Just to say in editing I made this post less offensive to try and not make anyone feel too bad so this may not have much relevance). There’s nothing that you could say to make me respect you less than “ohh savage”, it is dumb. Not only does it make me think you’re dumb but it makes me think you’re one of those people who I was talking about earlier. I’m referring to the people who can’t be challenged to change their mind, it’s like disregarding the point without thinking, sure you can walk away from this thinking that I’m just the weird one. Well listen up, and listen good! Walking away because you were triggered by me calling you dumb consolidates my point even more. Carry on reading and think.

Where was I again? Let me think… ok implementing language devices are like attempting to get through to the dumb people. Pretty difficult. They’re things that are difficult to fit in and aren’t even that impressive. So what if I used repetition? So what if I used repetition? Language devices definitely do determine decentness of a diary. And that was sarcasm, something that’s annoying as it’s possible to detect when written down.

Coming up with stuff to say can also be hard, especially when your not passionate about something. This… makes… the…writing…process…incredibly… slow… Oh I don’t know what to write next, I guess having slow writing/ typing is another annoying thing. Yet I haven’t even gotten too the worst of it.

People won’t understand. You’ll just walk away and not think about it. I don’t think that any of you guys are dumb, one of the devices used was hyperbole, I just made you believe that that was what I thought. To make an example of “dumb people” to explain a point.

And that’s the worst of it, once you’ve finished this post that’s it, you’ll remember me as some weird/angry guy who was very opinionated yet you won’t remember the points. You’ll just remember how I said it, instead of why I said it.

6 thoughts on “The Problem With Writing/blogging

  1. [ Smiles ] One word of advice: “Write for yourself first!”

    Writing does not take too long, once you are writing about something that you truly love.

    Also, proofreading one’s work before publishing it is the standard practice in the blogosphere!

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