Hand Shakers Looks Awkwardly Good

Something that I don’t often notice in the show is the quality of the visuals. As I’m watching anime on a pretty bad laptop with a bad screen even good looking shows don’t look that great, they don’t often look very sharp and the colours can’t always look as good as they would on the TV. If you didn’t know, it’s actually possible to put your screen on the TV using a HDMI cable, whenever I do this it looks great on the TV but not great on the laptop which is annoying, I want to see the anime in the best quality so it’s always frustrating that I can’t seem to get HD visuals that often.

That being said, the same problem did not occur whilst watching hand shakers; its HD looked better than anything else I’ve seen on crunchy roll and the colours looked way sharper and better. In the first ten seconds I saw that it looked brilliant compared too anything else that I’ve seen. Now this obviously isn’t the best looking show but it looks way better on my laptop than most good looking anime I’ve seen. It’s probably due to the 3d animation looking better on my laptop or something similar.

The visuals have a certain style too them. The characters all look pretty and the backgrounds and the other objects look pretty too. The shading and sharpness of them really impress me and I’m sure that this stays very consistent for most still images taken from the show.

Despite this when you press the play button again whilst it still looks good, the shows camera work flows pretty poorly, it’s weird too say that the show looked good yet gave me a headache at the same time but it’s true. I wouldn’t really say that the animation was awkward; it looked sort of natural (except for those damn chains!)  Yet it was very headachy and strange. Most of the animation on the moving camera was disorientating and the cause of much stress.

Needless to say not a lot of anime attempt great long panning shots as they’re hard to make look good (like in the case of hand shakers) so it’s not just that it’s unnatural, the fact that it looks like anime but is filmed strangely can be confusing and nauseous too.

This is the classic example between the extremes of great visuals and bad animation. I hate saying that its animation was bad, bad might not be the right word. It looks like good animation but it’s hard to look at, I replayed the start and immediately felt quite headachy so I feel like it’s the right way of describing it.

If you look at the chains and pause they look cool but not real. They don’t look like actual chains; this doesn’t mean that it looks bad though, the unrealistic style of them looks quite cool so it didn’t bother me that they didn’t animate well as they looked good. If you see a show which doesn’t give you a headache but has good visuals and bad animation I advise you to carry on watching, if it looks good then it shouldn’t bother you too much.

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