Nintendo Switch: Time To Buy A Wii U!

Since Wii U games won’t be playable on the Nintendo Switch (If my sources are correct) I find that I’m only now just starting to want the Wii U.

It seems to make a lot of sense. The Wii U has a lot of good games. By march 3rd it will have four Zelda games on it; Wind Waker HD – a game that I love the art style of and have wanted to play for a long time, Twilight Princess HD – something that I missed on the Wii because I didn’t like Zelda at the time and I’ve now put the Wii away, Hyrule Warriors – It seems fun, I like the look of it and I enjoyed it on the 3ds and last but not least Breath of the wild which will be playable on the Wii U, I don’t really believe that it will perform significantly worse on the Wii U than the switch. These games are good and I’d probably want them more than I want a switch.

To continue Xenoblade chronicles X looks fun. After playing the prequel on 3ds I feel like I’d enjoy it, the immense open world aspect really adds to the game as well as the fact that every NPC has a pretty in-depth backstory with side quests (as in-depth as it can be if you’ve got 500 NPC’S).

Mario maker is another one that I would try. The 3ds version is disappointing as I cannot play it for more than 10 minutes. So this is how it goes: I play a level, I lose (I’m not that great, I’ll sometimes win first try but not often), after this I wait 10 seconds and respawn, then I die again, the process continues and then I give up. The new 3ds can’t load the levels fast enough, the time in between loading levels is an extra ten seconds for me to decide to quit. Whereas in the Wii U version you actually don’t wait that long, which makes it good enough to be worth buying.

The last game that I’d get is Monster Hunter 3, Yes it’s old and on the Wii as well, and I’ve played both generations and 4 (about 300 hours in total) but that’s partly why I want to play it. Each monster hunter game is getting easier so I want to try out something harder. This is only a minor reason though; I mainly just want to play a monster hunter game on the TV as well. I just love the concept of fighting constant boss battles and nothing else – very cool if you’ve never played a monster hunter game MH4U is probably my favourite 3ds game, (just above Pokémon shuffle).

I know that plenty of great games are coming to the switch like Breath of the Wild and… and… dragon quest? It looks pretty ok… and… Oh! Xenoblade chronicles 2… when it comes out. So the switch will actually have good games on it however if you have the time and money I feel like it can’t hurt to go back to all of the great Wii U games whilst you wait for the ones you want on the switch to come out.

A side note: please don’t comment about games that are good and coming to the switch or other games on the Wii U that I missed out. Thank you, it’s just that I’ve gone through the list of games for these systems and have probably seen them already. The exception to this is the games that are obscure and rarely talked about, so tell me about them please. Thanks.

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