Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Yoshino Theory

I thought of this idea immediately after watching episode three of this anime. I have not read ahead in the manga and I don’t know if this has already happened or will happen in the story so potential spoilers. As well as this, my theory may change the way you view the show for the worse so don’t read this if you don’t like people’s predictions for the future.

The theory is to do with the character Yoshino who serves as Aki’s made and what she’s planning and why she’s planning it. Yoshino is a bit of a schemer doing things behind both of their backs and it seems clear that more is going on than meets the eye.

She claims to want to help Masamune get what he wants (To make Aki fall in love with him and then dump her) however I believe that she’s trying to do the opposite. She’s been very loyal to Aki throughout her life from a very young age so it’s weird for her to want Aki to get dumped. Her explanation for this is that dumping her would make her more modest and re-examine herself which might be fair enough except for the fact that they should be really good friends, so it’s not really fair to do that. If they know each other so well it wouldn’t be too hard to tell her what’s wrong so there’s more to it.

I can imagine that there was some event in her child hood that caused her to dislike Masamune, this could have been simple jealousy at how much time Aki was spending with him or something else. The way Masamune remembers Adagaki is “just as kind” as he was too her when they were kids so they seemed to be pretty good friends. In episode three Aki says that she started eating so much because “something awful happened in my past”, this could be due to wanting to carry on being friends with Masamune and needing to reject him harshly. So Yoshino could harbour a dislike to Masamune by causing her eating habits.

In order to get revenge I theorise/ hypothesise that she wants to make Masamune fall in love with Aki, through organising dates and e.c.t so that Aki can reject him in much the same way that he wants to reject her in – To sort of give him a taste of his own medicine and teach him a lesson. I thought of this when Masamune says that he “almost fell for her” which shows that these plans (if they are indeed her plans) are working.

Anyway that’s the theory, Masamune caused Aki to start eating wrong or something else causing Yoshino to dislike him. Then Yoshino uses the fact that Masamune wants revenge to cause him to fall in love with Aki and humiliate him more. Knowing the name pigs foot shows that he’s stayed in her head long enough to have a strong grudge so it’s not impossible.

This theory isn’t that full proof and there are a lot of things that go against it. Like if Aki’s eating problem is because of Masamune; why doesn’t she remember him? As well as this why would she give such a bad nickname to someone that she was friends with? It could be that Yoshino put her up to it but that wouldn’t really make a lot of sense. She’d seem way less trustworthy and friendly if she did something as terrible as that (leading Aki to not trust her as much as Yoshino claims she does). She also doesn’t create nicknames, Aki always does it, and so it’s a bit strange for her to give that name to Aki out of the blue when she could easily have her avoid doing that.

No, for this theory to be valid Yoshino would have needed to do something behind Aki’s back to cause her to change her opinions of him. Like create rumours or something similar. There’s also a few other minor details that make me question this theory (If you’ve read my post about mystery anime then you’ll know that I like minor details).

I hope that I’ve explained this well enough for people to understand, if you have questions or evidence for and against this then please tell me in the comments. If there’s any comment that I feel like addressing I will leave the responses bellow this.

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