Bad Animation Does Not Matter In Anime

People who drop anime due to bad animation baffle me. Is that it? Is that the only reason why you dropped a show? Even if the art style was good the animation was just too bad. I don’t get this at all.

Unless it’s something like hand shakers where the animation can give you a headache there’s nothing wrong inherently with lacklustre animation. Even the most popular, notoriously highly animated shows have bad animation in them. You may get the good few minutes of sakuga only to have a three minute talk scene with basically no animation after.

Moments of talking in shows are pretty essential to most story lines so I’m not nearly complaining about this, just drawing attention to the fact that bad animation can go unnoticed very easily especially in good looking shows.  As an example to this I didn’t really notice the disorientating and nauseous animation of Hand Shakers just because it looked that good. 3D animation has a real opportunity to look better easier which is why I stuck with it for one episode. After being entranced for twenty minutes, watching brilliant visuals I soon realised that I had a raging headache. To prove without a doubt that it was indeed the anime and not my head, after writing my hand shakers post I clicked back on the anime. Within seconds my headache was back.

Ok, so you don’t notice bad animation in other shows due to the fact that they hide it well. But that doesn’t matter; shows can still be entertaining without trying anything too difficult in the animation department.

The problem for most people is noticeably bad animation; it can come from old shows or simply badly made anime. The biggest show that I hear the animation problem coming from is Great Teacher Onizuka or GTO, probably due to its popularity. It’s an incredibly funny show; it also gives lots of time for character development, funny sections and inside jokes. They spend just enough time on each plot point to make funny, yet meaningful moments. So when an anime delivers on great story elements and comedy such as this, why am I reading comments talking about nothing but its terrible animation? Sure you may be used to beautifully animated shows but when did good animation start being essential to delivering a good story. Books can have great stories in them with absolutely no animation what so ever.

I feel that bad animation is something that anyone can watch. Even if you dislike it bad animation should never be something that you can’t put up with, you can learn to deal with it. I understand the need for good animation and get the appeal very much however I feel like we’d all have a benefit from taking a step back from the greatly animated shows and enjoying the old classics.

Each season 40 new shows will come out, a lot with good animation and people will just watch those shows. Being able to go back and take a look at the shows that made anime so popular or changed the genre as a whole is just as important as keeping up with the ongoing shows. Don’t let bad animation be a deterrent if you like the idea of the rest of the story. You will be able to put up with it if you try.

4 thoughts on “Bad Animation Does Not Matter In Anime

  1. I think it depends on what you are watching for and whether or not the animation or character designs are actively distracting from the rest of the story. Bad is fine, but absolutely ugly doesn’t work for me (even though that is entirely subjective).

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