January 2017 – What I watched


As a fun idea I thought that for every month I might write a review/ recap of all the anime and manga that I read/watched this January to comment and review everything instead of dedicating too many shows to an individual post.

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor – All episodes

This is by my favourite show I’ve watched this month, it’s a gripping story that you can’t put down as it will make you care that much. This show creates moments of extremely high tension and gambling with terrible fates for losing yet not great outcomes for winning (until the end) and he wins and loses enough for the outcome to not be predictable.

It’s an overall brilliantly made show which I enjoyed quite a lot. I should write about the next season in the next monthly post.

Winter 2017 Ongoing shows

I’ve been watching a heck of a lot of these so I’ll just summarize each one with a sentence or two.

Konosuba – watched season 1, loved it and I love this season again. I enjoy the nature of this show with a cast of lazy characters in stupid scenarios. I get the impression that this season will be more of the same instead of being any better but that’s ok, if it’s just as good as the previous season then it’s ok as I gave last season a 10/10.

Seiren – Seemed pretty good. Only seen the first episode so not too sure, the concept is interesting enough to me to continue. The fact that it’s not on Crunchyroll will probably be the reason why I won’t continue this until the seasons over.

Mrs’s Kobayashi’s Dragon maid – I really love the direction that this show is going in.  It’s just another great comedy with funny situations and whacky characters.

Masamune Kun’s revenge – The concept of this show is so funny to me, after watching lots of rom coms in my past I like seeing one that plays around with the genre and tries to use tropes to their advantage. I also like it due to my theory about Yoshino which I’m constantly adapting after each episode. Besides good comedy I like all of the scheming and planning that Masamune does and the situations that he goes through.  It’s cool when you have no idea what will happen next. On the one hand Aki may be getting softer towards our protagonist yet she is still able to shut him down instantly. It’s just a solid, cool show.

There’s plenty others that I’ve seen but I’m not too confident that I’ll continue. As well as this I’ve not seen shows like Little Witch Academia yet so if there’s a good show that I missed I’ve probably just not watched it yet.

Kuroko No Basket Season 3

This show was a very entertaining sports narrative and inspired me to write a lot of my sports posts. It focuses on the characters development and teamwork and less on the sport itself. I love how it created crazy impossible scenarios and villains that the characters needed to overcome and I liked the way it came together in the end. I find it cool that these characters can do superhuman feats and the way the characters react to them. I found myself viewing it as a comedy just because of how extreme the characters reactions were to the situations.

Kiss Him Not Me

I revisited this show this month and watched it too completion – it was cool. Nothing really exceptional or noteworthy to say I just found it quite funny. The main girl was also pretty cute.

You’re Name and 5cm per second

I watched both of these Shinkai films and enjoyed both but not that much. I would consider both of them 6/10 shows.  Although I can see the appeal I don’t think these films are for me as it’s not really the type of thing that I enjoy. My favourite genre is comedy so I don’t often get pulled in when a show tries to be depressing or heart-warming.

Arakawa under the Bridge & Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei season 1

I was only able to finish Zetsubou sensei but they’re both really great and really funny. I always like the quick paced comedy and scenarios that the shows present. I’d highly recommend them if you enjoy comedy.

One Piece Manga

This month I read from chapter 244 to chapter 595 so I read 351 chapters this month which I don’t think is too bad. It’s hard to remember which chapters relate to which arc but I enjoyed water 7 which the only arc that I really enjoyed. If you want to know why I disliked a lot of the other arcs read my “How anime makes bad villains” post.

So that’s what I watched this month. I’ve obviously seen a bit more than this but that’s just single episodes that I don’t really feel like talking about. What I hope to achieve by the end of next month is completion of one piece and Kaiji season two. Anything else is an added bonus. If I don’t have enough shows then I’ll probably just throw them into the month after.

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