Blogging: Trying To Stay Ahead

An Idea that I’ve had is to try and stay ahead of my blog posts using the schedule options, this is because I’m about to be very busy and I thought it would be a good idea if I was a bit ahead. I will try and aim to schedule three blog posts per week, this is so that if I have a cool idea that I want to write about there and then I can as not too many things are coming out.

This will mean that I’ll finish the king’s quest analysis quickly yet release it slowly. I’ll try to keep my blog predominately to anime however when I have an idea such as King’s quest I can’t help it. The chances of you getting more stuff because of this are actually quite high.

For a long time you should get consistent anime posts about some of my favourite shows which means I get more ideas about other stuff that I want to write about. This is more likely to make me want to write about something urgently so you could very well be getting the same amount of posts as usual.

Also bear in mind that I might not schedule for very long, I see myself being at a maximum of two weeks ahead so it shouldn’t affect you too much.  I’m aiming to release posts on Monday, Thursday and Saturday so let’s see how it goes.

Sorry for this almost filler like post but I feel like it’s important to say this now just so that I can explain any future inconsistencies. As a joke this will probably be scheduled ahead of time, it’s the 5th of February now so tell me how it goes.

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