How To Ruin An Introduction – King’s Quest (part 3)

kinge28099s-quest-chapter-3-once-upon-a-climb-review-screenshot-3King’s quest chapter 3, once upon a climb is far worse than any chapter that came before it. As the 3rd chapter it was meant to mark the tone and future of the next chapters as they lead up to the next conflict. No such thing happened. If you have been following along with these posts then you’re about to realise how much of a bad chapter this was when I say that this one was disappointing compared to chapter two.

The length of the game is terrible, it’s really short. It was the only one which I was able to complete in a knight. This is probably due to the lack of a challenging set of puzzles and an uninteresting narrative. It was at this point that Sierra made chapter 1 free to play, so play that – it’s the only good chapter, so it’s annoying that the only one that I would have liked I would have gotten for free.

In this chapters defence it’s kind of important for the future, has some alright puzzles and cool characters. I’ll probably spoil this whole thing by accident so I recommend stopping if you want to play the game.

It might be a bit too late to say this but I hate the changes made to Graham. I liked who he started as but not who he became. I loved at the start when he was a bumbling weakling as I liked that aesthetic yet as he grew up he didn’t feel like the same guy I’d come to like. It wouldn’t matter if he was a cool character again but I still don’t like him, even when he does some similar things to what he did in the past.

The puzzle at the start of the game was also pretty terrible, you had to change minor things to try and show the past of Daventry and it’s just boring. At first they don’t even tell you that it’s a puzzle and you’ll probably just carry on but get stuck. It’s not all that hard but it’s just annoying and an incredibly weak start to a story game such as this as it introduces no story whatsoever. You could argue that it’s to show the change in Daventry but we already know it will be different due to the fact that Graham has changed!

After this there’s some really dumb puzzle. If you’ve seen the trailers or have any awareness whatsoever you realise that Graham is going to leave and get married to a princess, that’s what you’re playing the game for. When you have to suffer through a long puzzle just to make the character realise that he wants to get married, it sucks. You just have to make yourself a meal and then make fake characters to eat with – nothing more, it comes off as completely pointless filler.

In the end solving the puzzle doesn’t even help Graham; he just looks at the mirror and tells him where to go. So after at least 20 minutes (if you know what you’re doing) of game time you’re told what to do, which is stupid. The whole opening is completely useless in the grand scheme of things and is completely unmemorable. I totally forgot that this was part of the game while looking back on it.

As I’ve still got a lot to say I’m going to split chapter three here and continue from this part of the chapter where I’ll complain about the princess, more puzzles, general things and how I didn’t feel it was good or set the tone well for the rest of the series.

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