How To Grind EXP and Affinity in Xenoblade Chronicles

3854472Whilst Xenoblade Chronicles 3D may not be too challenging to beat, there are places where you need to grind, and it’s hard. Hopefully this guide can help you to grind well and not lose your mind, starting with grinding affinity and then levels.

Grinding Affinity

This is probably the most unknown method as I haven’t seen it online and created it myself. All you really need is to unlock Riki, this is possible to do it without him but its way better if he’s there. The method is to switch Shulk out with another character and then do nothing but fight mechon with Riki there. As you will do 1hp of damage to mechon without Shulk it will increase the length of your fight times massively, giving your characters more chance to gain hearts. As well as this if you have Riki you can use his morale boosting move to increase the blue gauge to maximum, after this when you do a combo attack you can use the same morale boosting move again. This would mean that you gain 10 AP each and then get a third of your gauge filled already.

You can get this to a point where you do a combo attack. Use the cheer skill, and then once it’s over use it again. This will mean you only need to charge up a third of the bar as the rest should be done for you already. If you continue doing this then you actually raise infinity incredibly quickly (from my experience) so it’s well worth doing. This will indirectly give you more heart to hearts and more quests allowing you to gain even more exp and affinity.

I recommend doing this in sword valley as it has tonnes of mechon, if not it should be doable against other lower level mechon but harder. By the time you get to sword valley you should have completed all of your side quests anyway so in a way it’s a good time to grind affinity in order to unlock more quests. As well as this doing quests will give you affinity so do them as well.

Grinding EXP

First of all the best way to do this is by completing side quests – even really old ones that you could very well have gotten in the first few hours. This is because you’ll not only get more exp for doing them, but you will also unlock more quests and get items nearly straight away. Unlocking new quests will also give you more exp, more quests and more items starting an endless cycle of completion.

To do quests easier I highly recommend using the xenoblade chronicles wikia as they have all the quests and how to solve most of them. They will also help you remember the characters names, locations and active times so that you complete quests easier. Once you’ve caught up on quests carry on completing quests as you get them so that you get the maximum possible exp and unlock quests as you go instead of backtracking to find them.

If you’re having trouble fighting and losing and have already followed these instructions before you start grinding check your equipment. Is everything new and the best it can be? Do you have the right gems equipped? Do you have gems that you haven’t smelted down yet? Have you levelled up and unlocked more talents arts? If the answers are yes and your still struggling then fight the nearby monsters. Kill the monsters that you can fight, save and reset. When you reset the enemies should re-appear letting you fight enemies of the right skill level? Keep on doing this until you can fight it. If you’re struggling try changing your party around, different characters have different strengths so be sure to use them.


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