Why Is Clannad So Popular?

rnbqffjClannad is both highly ranked and popular. On my anime list it has over 500,000 members and a high ranking of 8.29 on the score system. But why? What does Clannad do to elevate it above many other shows and become so popular?

I’m bringing this point up because I absolutely hated the show and thought it was boring. I may very well write about the reasons for why I thought this in the future but I’m trying to focus on what people like so much about it.

It may be because of the way I heard about Clannad. On YouTube many people are advertising it in their top 5 / top 10 lists with some even listing it at number one, the whole reason why I watched it in the first place was that a YouTuber said it was his favourite. I went into it expecting a really great story that would be guaranteed to make me cry, I never cried once but I was roped into watching it for that reason.

I’m sure that theirs far better reasons for people hearing about the show but that is one of the main ones. Despite this, for people to go about posting it on top ten lists they actually have to like the show in the first place so there’s obviously a huge appeal to some people.

It could just be due to being set in the harem genre (I have 6 posts about this genre if you’re interested) as many people like the idea of them especially with the protagonist being a nice guy. The harem can also appeal to viewers more due to the fact that it feels earned. The main character needs to solve many of the characters problems and helping them out is a viable reason for them liking him.

A point in the show that could have turned me towards liking it would have to be the comedy, which I don’t like but I can see many other people liking. Part of the enjoyment of shows like these is the comedic moments which break up the drama to not make it feel like a monotonous depression trip.

An obvious draw into the show also was the characters that other people seem to find easy to like.  I get that if you’re invested in the characters it’s good but Clannad does a lot to try and make you like them. Using comedy and a lot of time dedicated to specific characters they can become likable making the drama mean something. A problem that I faced was the contrast between the shows trying to deliver emotional moments whilst balancing it with comedic moments.  The comedic moments with Sunohara always seemed a bit weird to me, if they make a big deal out of all the girls’ issues why aren’t they doing the same with Sunohara’s complaints at romance.

Another thing is probably the girls in the show who‘re cute and therefore people like them. If you like the moe girls in the show then I see you enjoying the show a lot more especially in a harem setting.

Overall I’m not sure why Clannad’s so popular or even why people think it’s good but here are my thoughts on why people could like it so much. If you liked Clannad please tell me if there’s anything I missed to give me a better perspective than my friend who couldn’t really explain why it was good.

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