Why King’s Quest Doesn’t Use Linear Puzzles Effectively (King’s Quest part 4)

kings2bquest2bchapter2b32b-2bpart2b11-avi_20160430_162102-634In the last part I wrote about how I disliked the introduction to king’s quest chapter three and I will continue to be talking about more things that I disliked, continuing from the point in the game where I left off.

I can’t help but feel like you’re railroaded into choosing who you want as a wife in this game. I only recently realised that you could actually choose the other girl in this game (I chose Neese) and I felt a bit railroaded into my choice. The person who you end up with is decided by the decisions that you make in the game which is fine yet I feel like the way they did it wasn’t very good. The only really key decision that I felt mattered to deciding which one was what object you saved right at the start.

At this stage you didn’t know any of the princess’ so you don’t really have anything to base your choice off of. After that it’s only with cryptic dialogue and hard decisions that you can change your option. If for some reason you thought that the other person’s object was more important then you’re pretty much screwed. As well as that it doesn’t really portray the princess’ well in the show. If their decision for liking you is based on the fact that you saved their object it doesn’t make them feel very well rounded.

A quiz game also follows and it’s not really fun to play. After all you basically have to try and give the right answers for the one you like and the wrong answers for the one you don’t like. This causes the game to be played a little weirdly as you have to play in a way that breaks the game. I’m sure that this wasn’t the intention but it completely changed the way I played to annoy me more.

Some other things happen and you’re then given the chance to go back into town. You do this by picking a character and your then teleported to them.  What I didn’t know was that you could only go back once so all of the characters that were already established became neglected. As Amaya was the first portrait in my inventory I chose her (even though I don’t like her a whole lot) and we have some dialogue and then I vanish. I don’t really care that Amaya seems to like me a lot whilst the other characters have stopped caring about me.

After a lot of puzzles which are ok you then come across one where you have to fly over a cliff. To do this you must build a vehicle to go over the ledge. This would be fine but a lot of stuff went wrong. I found myself falling off the ledge quite a lot so I tried to combine some items together. The only thing was that nothing popped up so I couldn’t do it. It was only later that I found out that you could actually combine items using a walkthrough and it really annoyed me. I get that I might have made a mistake but it would have been nice to know that I‘d needed to combine something after a certain number of tries.

A problem with this game was how linear it was. You go through a series of stages with each princess and then you end the game. You have no real option to explore an open world or work things out for yourself. This makes the game come off as worse and less fleshed out. This theme of linear puzzles will be continuing in the next part where I talk about chapter 4.


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