Attack On Titan Is Not Gore Anime

692280-titan_eats_mommy_2Attack on Titan is commonly confused as a gore anime when it’s really not. Whilst the definition of a gore anime is debatable it’s often considered to be something with lots of blood, and gruesome violence. The fact that I don’t think AOT is gore doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad show; it’s just that I don’t care about its violence.

The definition of gore is as follows: blood that has been shed, especially as a result of violence. By definition this classifies AOT as gore, but it’s only as a technicality. If you see specks of blood on the floor or blood in a blood bag then I don’t think it’s especially gory. The actual definition for “gory” is a little bit different: involving or showing violence and bloodshed. So a gory show needs both violence and bloodshed to be a gore anime.

So if I’m saying that AOT is not gory when it clearly has bloodshed, am I really arguing that Attack on Titan doesn’t feature violence? Well, kind of. There is undoubtedly violence in the show, in the human vs human fights for example but they often don’t have bloodshed in them. At best, a character would get punched and then a different shot would show blood flowing at the place that was just hit.

Beside this I can’t help but notice that every time blood is shed, the violence isn’t shown. For example, theirs a ton of shots where the titans eat the humans, these are the ones when they closely zoom in on their face and show blood spouting off the top of the screen. I don’t believe these shots to be gory as you never actually see the titans biting the humans’ heads off. You may hear a loud, scary or even horrifying sound effect, coupled with a loud sound of blood flowing but you don’t actually see the gore meaning that it’s not gory.

I personally don’t really like gore so I’m fine with not seeing it yet, this doesn’t stop me from noticing gore when I see it. I’m not complaining at the quality of the show or saying that an anime not being gory is a bad thing. I’m just writing this to try and clear up some misconceptions about the show and the genres.

It’s not just attack on titan that I notice this about. While watching the show Another I was already spoiled about a certain gory scene (If you’ve not watched Another then I’m sorry – I didn’t really like it because I thought it was boring but you can watch up until the scene I’ll be mentioning).

This scene is the umbrella scene which I don’t believe to be gory. After just watching the clip again theirs only one moment where you actually see blood coming out of the girl and it’s just a splatter. I don’t really believe that it pushes the scene over the edge to becoming gore. They use techniques like black outs, slow motion and cuts that don’t show anything. They just give the allusion of gore and violence without being violent.

Whilst watching it I had the strange idea that the animators / artists we’re too squeamish about the gore to even try and make it look gory. To change the scene into gore I wouldn’t play it in slow motion, not show the cut out and show the more gruesome details that they could have added. As well as add more blood (of course).

Whilst some of these moments and shows are technically gory it’s all on a spectrum. Some things are gorier than others. My opinion is just that some things are so low on the gore spectrum that they shouldn’t even count.

If this has changed your perception on blood and gore in shows then I don’t know to be sorry or happy.  Maybe this will help you notice when an anime is actually gore or is just trying to pretend. If you have any shows that you think are gory but aren’t 100% sure about because of this post, please just ask me. I feel like most action adventure shows use the illusion of gore when it’s not really there to try and make the show feel better, so I’m more likely to respond to things that are a bit uncertain than obviously gory shows.

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