School Days: Was Sekai Actually Pregnant? (Part 1)

sekaiIf you haven’t watched school days yet then you really should, it’s something that you won’t enjoy watching but be glad that you saw it when it’s over. If you haven’t seen it then why did you click on this post? Anyway in the last episode when Katsura opened up Sekai to see if she was pregnant or not it really annoyed me. Not just because she just killed someone but also due to the fact that she said she wasn’t pregnant due to the fact that she couldn’t see a foetus.

All I was wondering about was whether it would actually be possible to see the baby at that point in time as I was sure that their we’re many signs that she was pregnant. I will split this post into two parts, one talking about the reasons for why she was pregnant and the reasons for why she wasn’t.

Firstly a huge reason for her being pregnant was her frequent morning sickness throughout the show as it commonly occurs during pregnancy, it would be natural for her to get it if she was pregnant. Another major reason was also the way the Katsura searched for a baby. She’s not an  expert on pregnancy or a doctor and it’s also a very bad way to check. The baby could have very easily been missed due to it being too small or her not searching properly. As well as this Katsura, by the end of the show hadlost her mind. It’s very realistic that she could have been lying to herself as a coping mechanism, as she loved Makoto she’d feel terrible about killing his son.

Another argument would also be the fact that someone wrote the show to try and portray a message about the psychological effects based around cheating and teenage sex. I feel like it would have a greater impact to portray the negative effects of this if she really was pregnant. The most horrible idea about the show for me was feeling the pain and worry of a young girl going to school pregnant. Every time Sekai rubbed her belly as if she was pregnant made me feel more and more sad and depressed inside and I’d feel annoyed if it was all for nothing.

It’s also quite hard to see the motive for suddenly pretending to be pregnant, sure she may have done it to try and control Makoto’s affections but from the show you could tell that Sekai thought she herself was pregnant. I find it hard to believe that someone can trick themselves into thinking they’re pregnant so there would have to be more factors involved (explained in part 2).

As well as this her reason for not wanting to go to the hospital can be explained if she was pregnant. The prospect of entering and going through the process of an abortion would almost definitely be a traumatic and horrible experience.

Theirs probably quite a lot of smaller reasons that I haven’t thought of but I feel like I’ve gotten the main reasons out of the way. In the next post I’ll talk about the reasons why Sekai wasn’t pregnant.

3 thoughts on “School Days: Was Sekai Actually Pregnant? (Part 1)

  1. I disagree, seeing what kind of person Katsura is I trust her accuracy in her claim. Sekai’s reaction to a seemingly morning sickness already made it obvious that she has been lying to stop Makoto from seeing other girls.


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