Destroying A Well Established World – King’s Quest Chapter 5 (part 7)

Whilst I still found king’s quest chapter 5 a disappointment, I would have considered it a step in the right direction for the game if it came (with a story that made sense) at chapter 3. The reason why this improves is due to the fact that you regain the open world from Daventry or at least most of it but with the changes from the future.

You get to see and experience everything that King Graham has done in the massive amount of time that he’s been in power. And what he has achieved isn’t much. The town hasn’t grown, there are no new characters and everything else is extremely old.  This would be fine as it’s nostalgic but the things the game’s taken away are really depressing.

You cannot see anyone, you can’t see Amaya or the Baker because they don’t like you and you can’t see the old people because they died and Graham is now the old person. It’s a bit concerning if you consider that these we’re the only three shops in Daventry and they all have nobody running them or only let people who they like in. Once you’ve tried entering two houses the other one opens and it shows the interactions from the first game making Graham remember and be nostalgic. The annoying thing is that I didn’t get the character I liked so it kind of sucked.

You are then tasked with finding 4 keys which are around town, whilst there’s technically nothing wrong with this it feels a bit lack lustre when you see how much Daventry has fallen. You don’t get any character interactions and theirs far less puzzles so solve to get these keys. Due to the fact that you still have complete control of the world it feels bare from not enough stuff to do.

The whole reason for this is a final face off against Mannanan the evil sorcerer and antagonist of the game.  The only thing is Graham didn’t know this, he just went outside for a random adventure, this means that they had a giant padlock on one of the most important doors in Daventry as well as a mad wizard running round without anybody noticing. Where’s the huge amount of guards to help solve the problems? I thought Graham was meant to be an important leader with a great legacy and following but these just show something completely different.

I feel a huge separation from the present in this game and the past of this game. The past always seems pretty bare and underdeveloped with an incredibly small castle whilst the actual current castle seems much larger and better, with actual soldiers in it and such. I at no point considered that the two characters we’re living in the same castle, they seem completely different. So what has happened? The game does nothing to convince you that this world might be real and have actual laws and people running it besides the parts in chapter 1.

I will continue to detail the things that I liked and didn’t like from the rest of the chapter next time.

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