The Disappointing Ending Of King’s Quest Chapter 5 (Part 8)

King’s Quest Chapter 5 ends with a huge showdown against Mannanan and his apprentice but that would be all too easy! You must first prove that Graham in his old age is still up to speed in his thinking by going through some more trials.

The first trial brings you through an 8-bit graphic segment which is meant to reflect an old king’s quest game; it’s pretty fun yet extremely short. This is a huge contrast to the next trial which tests how good Graham’s wits are.

Theirs 6 large puzzle games, each one is long and complicated. Not necessarily bad, just not really to my tastes. Each one has a long complicated set of rules and the game decided to make the all-important decision to not show you the instructions all the time. You read them once, forget them and need to look at them again. It annoyingly forces you to write the rules down or constantly refer to them, very irritating and very tedious.

So when the 6 games are over it ends with a very simple game against Mannanan which is stupid. Whilst Graham sees the evil wizard as a nuisance, Manny sees him as a rival and tries to prove their wits against each other for the last time.  Over the 6 games in the wit trial Manny determines that they are equal in wits and none can best the other so they decide to fight on the next best thing. Luck.

Theirs 2 cups, one poisoned and one not. The gamble is if Graham can pick the correct glass, which he always does but the game is resolved in a terrible way. Instead of drinking the poison Manannan somehow is able to magnify the wine through a portal and then cover Daventry with the puzzle.

So at the same time Manny is simultaneously normal sized pouring the drink into a bowl and a giant dropping the poison on the entire kingdom. This is pretty stupid but the way it’s solved is even weirder. Whilst Manny has the cup upside down he grabs the entire liquid in his hands preventing Daventry from being destroyed.

The only thing is that the liquid looked like slime, when Graham drank his cup he either drank something with the same consistency of slime or some completely different mixture. This way it would be obvious which one was the right one.

It’s not exactly terrible but it feels a little underwhelming. Disappointing I might say. It then tries to create a touching tale with Gwendolyn (The person that he tells stories too) when he dies to tell her to go on her own big adventure. The ending just didn’t work for me, the tales throughout the game and the drama with Gwendolyn throughout the game didn’t really make me feel it.

Overall the game had its good parts, more bad parts but it tried to keep to a heart-warming narrative and stay charming. Don’t worry this isn’t the end of my series of dissecting King’s quest,  I will be sure to write another wrap up post talking about the epilogue, price, achievements, graphics, how it gets away with it, it’s charm and the moments outside of the story with Gwendolyn. This may turn to two posts so expect them soon.


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