The Adventure Of The King’s Quest Epilogue – (Part 9)

So now that I’ve finished dissecting all five chapters it’s time to move on to some of the other minor things that I thought about in the game. Oh wait, there’s another section one section that’s easily overlooked yet still part of the game. That is the epilogue, a short thirty minute section which follows the adventures of Gwendolyn.

I just wish that I was able to play it. If you choose the season pass buy option you only get to play the first five chapters and there’s no way to unlock the next section, this happened to me and now I can’t play. I find it strange that the game would limit content from the user; it won’t even let me buy the epilogue which sucks. If I wanted to play it I would basically have to re-buy the entire game and there’s no way that I’m doing that just for this post. I’ll go through a walkthrough on the game and not really criticise but just say some more general things about the section.

This epilogue actually looks pretty good compared to the rest of the game. It has the creative puzzle solving in a non-linear environment which I liked from the first game, and I guess the second one (even though I hated the puzzles in the second game just because of the time pressure and strength mechanics) which brings me back to actually feeling a good adventure in a world.

It mainly follows Gwendolyn and her adventures with animals where she needs to set a trap for some pesky Yarblesnoofs and then outsmart a dragon (or something like that) which doesn’t make for a very interesting story heavy narrative but it creates a jolly good adventure feeling where anything could happen. Especially if Gwendolyn has more adventures, they could do so much with Gwendolyn and her adventures in the next game (if there is one) and I might actually find myself playing that if it starts to look good by the second and third chapters.

As I’ve already covered everything I want to talk about in the epilogue (which I wouldn’t mind playing) I feel like it’s time to go back to all of the parts outside of the story with Gwendolyn and the old king Graham. The story’s outside of the rest of the game are quite simple and quite short. Graham will go through his bigger story and your decisions in game will have an effect on what Gwendolyn does.

The first one shows her doing fencing with the prince and how she beats him by using something that Graham taught her. This is probably done to create a fun charming adventure but to also make it feel like your decisions matter and have real impact. Technically they do, the stories cause Gwendolyn to look for her own adventure and it’s pretty cool. What I would prefer would be that some decisions were more important than others. This can be balanced. You have the option to always go through three descriptions Brave, Wise and compassionate (or something on the same lines) it would be more interesting if there was a puzzle for each one and Gwendolyn received the same virtues from Graham making one virtue puzzle easier than the rest. For example if Gwendolyn was just Brave, she would find the wisdom and compassion puzzles harder.

That concludes my thoughts on the King’s Quest Epilogue I will probably do a wrap up post where I look through all of the little things that I missed. In total I’ve written around 7,000 words analysing and dissecting this game so I’m not going to miss any minor details when I’ve already come so far.


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