Undefeated Bahamut Chronicles Sucks

For a very long time I’ve had hatred for this show, it’s probably my least favourite anime of all time. When I saw that this show may be getting another season it pushed me over the edge to write this. I wrote most of this in April 2016 so the writing style may be pretty bad or different from what your used too. Needless to say I will be doing a section at the end of this post where I talk about more things that I didn’t like and more things that could do with being cleared up.  As well as this I will use # to show comments that I’ve added in after writing this.

This is an example of a comment – the # separates it.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of harem anime e.g Hatataku Maou Sama, SNAFU, Nisekoi, shomin sample, school days, absolute duo, Date A Live, OniAi, seto no hanayome, trinity seven, Is this a zombie?, seitokai no ichizon, infinite stratos, boku wa tomadachi ga sukunai and more recently Undefeated Bahamut Chronicles. Ok school days is probably worse but I’ll write about that later.

#I don’t really think that I’d have needed to say all of these shows to make my points seem more valid, the reasons seem compelling enough that it shouldn’t matter what I’ve seen before it. On top of this I don’t believe school days to be nearly as bad, at least it actually tries to portray a meaningful narrative

I didn’t like it because: bad main character, not original story that didn’t even make sense, rip-off of infinite stratos’ mechas. If you consider yourself and “otaku” you may argue that a lot of these have the same floors (originality, story and characters) but I think that I mainly disliked it for its story and characters.

not being original isn’t necessarily bad in my opinion; it’s just dull and boring when it’s identical. The funny thing about this is that Infinite Stratos isn’t even a good show so this anime really had no chance when it was worse than the thing it was coping which was below average at best.

I came to this conclusion after watching episode 1 of Hundred which is just as unoriginal however I liked it much more (I haven’t watched the rest so it may be bad) so I decided to try and work out what went wrong while watching it.

#I later made an insert comment describing Hundred as terrible, I agree with my past self. This whole genre is now something that I’d say I’d dislike. Not harems, action adventure harems.


This is probably the most easy to criticise. The main thing that I got was that these aliens called ragnarocks appeared and the Mc and company have to kill them. Also the MC’s brother and sister are trying to take over the world.

Just before I go on it’s important that you realise that I stopped watching it at EP 4 and came back to it when the season had finished. That means that it’s worth watching for yourself to see if the story makes sense or not.

#it’s not worth watching

The anime does a good job at saying why the MC’s brother and sister want to take over the world but they gave me no clue where the ragnerock came from, what these floating dungeons are, if the person who’s a key is actually human, how the first part (the marry bit) links with rest of the story or how the characters seem to teleport around between episodes not to mention how they kill all of these things without me realising off screen. There’s also this weird black drag-rider at the start who’s evil but may also be the MC or something like that (IDK)

#I wouldn’t use the phrase “The marry bit” and instead use “the marriage arc” also theirs another reason that I might not really get the story. When watching on my app on my phone it can sometimes list the episodes in the wrong order. If this is the case I’m sorry but also don’t really care. The app is JP anime if any of you want to check for me.


Lux is boring, too nice, badly voice acted, denser than most and sometimes dress’ up as a woman? Yes, he does that. His back story was that he was a prince of a kingdom that got destroyed which isn’t interesting and hardly contributes to character development at all. All of the characters are badly developed. Lux stays exactly the same. Princess (forgot the name it was so bad) tsundere to not a tsundere. Kruluxifer (probably the most developed) ? To calls Lux husband to becoming a key to IDK. Phi: Childhood friend. Other princess who’s stronger + bigger chest: hates men to likes men. The rest are just too forgettable to remember.

#to be honest this is pretty good for a terrible show of this nature. It’s the way they develop that feels forced and boring.

And don’t get me wrong, I know character development isn’t everything but when your anime doesn’t have a good plot or character development and isn’t ecchi or comedy (Don’t you dare think that UBC is either of these). The anime soon falls apart with the only thing left to rely upon: animation.

#this show doesn’t have good animation.

Good animation does not equal good anime (watch amnesia if you want to know what I mean) and I find animation extremely underwhelming especially when the fights are predictable and everyone has plot armour (watch fairy tail to see what I mean) so it was extremely boring for me.

don’t watch amnesia watch GTO if you want to know what I meant. Also if you can’t tell, I don’t really like action scenes. Good animation doesn’t do a lot for me.

Just to clarify Fairy Tail is good because the story makes sense, it’s got comedy and fan service aspects and both good guys and bad guys are portrayed strongly and well. I know it’s unfair to compare different types of anime e.g 12 episodes to infinity episodes but it helps to highlight the key differences to say why one is bad.

I no longer find Fairy Tail to be good, mainly because it’s boring. A better comparison would be Hunter X Hunter, way better than anything that came out of Fairy Tail.

Despite these facts though, it’s still going to get a season 2 there’s so many other things that deserve a season 2/ extra season but some idiot thought it was a good idea to do this one. Probably because it’s the “safe” choice but theirs at least 20 others I’d rather see.

#here we go with another huge list. I don’t agree that I’d want a second season from most of these now. However I’d still rather see these over a sequel to this.

  • Hataraku Maou Sama
  • Daily life of Highschool Boys
  • Umaru Chan
  • Overlord
  • School-live
  • One Punch Man
  • Charlote
  • Nisekoi
  • Chivalry of a failed knight
  • Shomin Sample
  • No Game No Life
  • Date A Live
  • OniAi (of all things)
  • Ore Monogatari
  • My bride is a mermaid
  • GTO
  • Trinity Seven
  • Is this a Zombie?
  • Infinite Stratos
  • I don’t have many friends

These are the good ones that I can think of off the top of my head (that won’t already get a second season) but I’d still rather see something like SAO instead of UBC 2.

#so did you enjoy? I hope you did.  I also hope that you we’re able to get something more out of this and think about the show more. If you want to see more of my concerns with this type of show search “The Asterisk War Sucks” on YouTube and watch all 13 parts of them.

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