How Sierra Get’s Away With It (King’s Quest Part 10)

I’ve decided to make this post the last one in the series and to just update this one every time I have something new to talk about unless it gets too long. So this is where I will be talking about the minor things that we’re good / annoyed me or that I just wanted to comment on.

The price is pretty awful, especially when you consider the fact that the first game is double the length of some of the others. If all the games we’re the same length as the first game I would have got my money’s worth however I felt let down with the lack of content in all of the following games.

One method that was used to extend the length of the games we’re the minor differences that took place as you played combined with some really difficult achievements. Some of these achievements need you to repeat the game again to unlock, for example saving Vee’s gift instead of Neese’s. Not only does this become annoying but it makes you play longer than you should. Even if you do end up with a different princess hardly anything changes. If you watch other people playing the game and pick a different princess then you’ll notice that they look the exact same but with a different hair colour, and the ice princess always looks the same regardless.

Causing the player to repeat content can be a good or bad thing. In chapter one it’s a good thing because the games actually good yet with other ones it feels annoying to play because they’re shorter and not as good. You have to repeat chapter 1 three times to present the three different eyes, chapter 2 if you kill anyone, chapter 3 if you want a different princess and chapter 4 if you lost the road trip game. Chapter five doesn’t get you to repeat the game (I think) but it’s still an annoying pattern.

At least the game looks good; I’m a real fan of the backgrounds and look of the game I just feel that their environments could have been designed better. By the end of the game I was starting to get sick of constant corridors and constant disappointment. The graphics are good but I can’t help but feel that they’re there to hide the fact that the game is actually quite empty.

This brings me to the point where you have to ask. How does king’s Quest get away with it? Fans seem to like the latter chapters and find them heart-warming despite all the things that I’ve been saying. A huge answer may be nostalgia for some people; they get another adventure with King Graham which they’ve been wanting for a very long time. As well as this some people get wrapped into the emotions of the game not really caring that they didn’t get the length of content that they wanted as they got a nice heart-warming story that made them feel emotional.

Whilst I understand I feel that it’s important to put up an argument against this. You can get the same emotional story with a longer game with more content and it will actually be better as you feel like you’ve been through a lot more. One thing that I don’t want Sierra to continue doing is making great chapter ones and then chapters of a shorter length, someone needs to say that they need to deliver to fans with chapters of the same length and quality.

Chances are that they’ll make another game following Gwendolyn and I’ll get annoyed at that one as well and people will actually start paying attention to these rants as they might get king’s quest to get their game back together and create more brilliant chapters like chapter 1.

Anyway, thanks for reading my ten part series on how king’s quest was disappointing. I never thought I’d be able to write so much about a short game but that’s what was so interesting about writing this. I have written about 6,500 words for this so it’s by far my biggest and ambitious project yet. As you may know I base my blog around anime so it’s funny to see that I can dedicate so much time to blogging about this game whilst still maintaining my following of anime readers.


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