The Psychology of One Room

This show creeped me out greatly, I watched it without any knowledge of what it was going to be so I had no expectations. The idea that you we’re meant to interact with the characters through speaking seems really sad and simultaneously strange, especially when the anime characters assume what you’re going to say and respond in a way that I perceive as unnatural or unrealistic.

Yet it got me theorising at the hidden psychology that could be taking place behind the show. This won’t be a post about human psychology but a theory about the state of the character’s minds in the show, and how they’re not normal at all. To make things easier for myself I will only be talking about the first girl from the first four episodes so if I use the phrase “the girl” it will always mean her. As well as this I will always use “Main Character”, ”MC” and “the guy” to refer to the person the girl is talking too.

The first thing to notice is that the MC who opens the door appears to own the house. He has coat hangers with all items looking like they belong to the same person making me think that he lives alone. As well as this there’s what looks like an adult magazine (I could be wrong). If the MC was living with his parents it wouldn’t be natural to have that lying around – neither would want the other to see it. Therefore it’s fairly safe to say that the main character not only lives alone but also owns the house he’s living him, making his age much higher than the girl’s age. The shirt sizes on the hangers reflect this.

To me this is very odd, the idea that a girl is going to a much older guy’s house sounds very dodgy and not something that a young girl would probably want to do. The excuse is that she comes over to study however doesn’t she have friends to study with? She seems to be quite confident, especially when you see that she’s brave enough to enter an almost strangers house, wouldn’t she prefer to study with them? Yes she just moved into the area but her priority at school would probably be making friends, it’s a natural thing to want.

It’s later revealed that he’s of university age but that’s not entirely specific. You can spend many years going there so even then it wouldn’t necessarily be deemed acceptable to have the girl over at your house. Wouldn’t it be pretty terrible if the MC was in their fourth year? This is actually more likely to be honest. On average first and second year students at university will stay in halls whilst the older, more mature ones will leave to live alone. This is the kind of thing I thought about whilst watching the show – doesn’t really make for a good viewing experience.

All of these dodgy things seem strange and makes you consider three possibilities. You are watching from the perspective of a paedophile which would be extremely uncomfortable, the girl is insane and the MC doesn’t actually exist (It would explain some but not all things) and last but not least the girl is an actor and knows she’s being filmed for other people’s enjoyment.

These theories definitely aren’t true however I believe that I can present compelling evidence to make you believe this theory even though the creators will always deny them.

The idea that I’m most leaning towards is the first or last theories. Since I’ve already given most of my evidence for the main character being a paedophile I’ll focus on the idea of this show being a TV show in the context of the anime. It’s obviously a TV show in real life, there’s no arguing that.

Everything seems incredibly set up and impossible making the idea that it’s a TV show more believable. However it’s an anime, these situations in anime are common so isn’t there better evidence besides the bath houses and other random things that they do?

Well it’s the way it’s filmed; the girl is constantly breaking the fourth wall which is unnatural. As well as this theirs many shots wouldn’t make sense if the main character was there, lots of things make you feel like the guy is gone. And if the guy is gone, that means that the show is faking it.

This is most apparent with the tree scene in episode 4 as theirs no way that anybody is there. Not only are the two characters standing way too far away from each other. The way it’s framed is especially weird and unnatural to me. Why would they be standing so close to the edge of the path? Say you removed the tree I don’t see it loking very natural. The camera work clearly shows that the MC is taller than the girl, so where would it make sense for the main character to be whilst she continued to talk facing that direction. You also zoom in far too much when the shot changes hinting that it’s actually a production. As well as this the girl shifts positions to the centre of the path once the shot changes, it’s just incredibly suspicious.


This is by far the most out there theory that I’ve made however I find it quite funny to think about. The theories of paedophilia, TV shows and insanity that I came up with made this show incredibly strange and uncomfortable for me to watch. I know I’m reading way too far into this but I don’t think that’s always a bad thing – even though in this case it probably is a bad thing.

Either way I hope that this post may have changed you opinion about this show and that you’d constantly be thinking about the show in the same way that I do to realise how weird and uncomfortable it is.

I’ve somehow convinced myself that I am actually the insane one in this scenario so please tell me if this makes sense or if I’m just a lunatic. Thanks.


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