First Impressions Count In Anime

First impressions count for a lot whilst watching an anime. I don’t believe that most people should use the three episode rule so it’s always important to leave good first impressions. The only problem is that you don’t know for sure if you’re missing everything. I’m going to go through and explain two bad first impressions, one for a show that I ended up liking and one for a show that turned out to be terrible. As well as this I will be talking about a great first impression that I had that turned into a pretty rubbish show.

Just because I’d quite like to stay positive (for this first part at least) so let’s start with the bad first impression for a show that turned out to be great. This is mysterious girlfriend X which starts off creepy to say the least. The show deliberately portrays Urabe (the girl with the big hair from Nazo No Kanajo X) as a weirdo. She seems to have a strange medical condition which causes her to be sleepy, her strange outbursts portrays her to be nothing at all like the rest of the students and her appearance with the messed up hair and lack of eyes contrasts greatly with the rest of the characters, making her stand out as strange.

Who would want to watch a romance anime about this silent, sickly and strange character? That is probably what most people would have thought. Though this decision caused them to miss out on the rest of the show. Another massive deterrent for viewers is the nature of the main relationship which revolves around exchanging their drool. Definitely not something you’d go looking for in a romance show but this is more than just weird, the way their relationship starts is seriously strange.

Urabe (who was sleeping) left some drool on her desk and the main character (Tsubaki) decided to drink it! After him being sick for two weeks we, the audience, are convinced that Tsubaki’s ill because of an illness in Urabe’s drool. Only that’s not the reason. It’s apparently because he went through withdrawal because he fell in love with her drool or something.

At the start of the show you don’t really believe this however the show continuously makes you believe this more and more with its strong romance story. It’s brilliant to think that a compelling romance anime exists revolving around spit.  Or is it just creepy? Either way this show knows how to deliver heart-warming stories.

I don’t feel like I will go into this too much as I want to write a post comparing this show to CLANNAD and why mysterious girlfriend X is far better and why CLANNAD never made me cry. If you’ve ever seen CLANNAD then you’ll know that it’s well known for being a good love story which makes you cry so the fact that I like X over CLANNAD shows just how great a love story it is.

I will continue talking about a correct bad first impression and an incorrect good first impression in the next part.

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