What Do You Mean The Trinity Seven Film Was Too Short?

From reading reviews and impressions of this film I’ve gathered that everyone thought that this film was too short. Whilst 55 minutes is short for a film I really don’t believe that the film needed to be any longer than it was.

I get it, some people for some reason want a season 2 of this terrible show and were hoping for lots of content after a long wait and we’re a bit disappointed. The problem wasn’t that the story was too short but that the content of it didn’t allow much time to be spent on it. I can’t believe that people didn’t notice the extremely undeveloped villain who was there for the sake of it. How can a villain with the sole purpose of killing one person ever be interesting? Due to this bland personality the film could never be long without becoming boring.

Sure they could add henchmen and different groups of characters but it would feel useless and blatantly wasteful with such a terrible villain. The flirting and fan service filed at least a 6th of the film any way so in my opinion it could have been much shorter. Imagine what would have changed if half of the female characters were removed, nothing would have changed. It would have been even shorter without the ten girls who got two minutes each of screen time.

The story felt even more pointless when the villain could obviously be defeated instantly. You really have to question the sanity of the immense cast of heroes when they decide to attack individually! Just beat him up already by ganging up on him! The trinity seven are apparently the greatest witches in the world so two of them should be a match for a demon lord candidate but that clearly isn’t the case. The female characters have no power anymore and could be left out due to the fact that they’re pretty much useless.

This problem could have been easily solved as well, who says that all 50 characters need to be transferred into the eternal library? The drama would have been far greater if there was a plot outside of the library. I’m sure this is a problem that occurred from the source material so it’s not really the anime director’s fault but I feel like there was so much room for improvement.

The main purpose of this film seemed to be to flesh out and develop the character of Lilum whilst creating comedy moments with her – Like every single character having the exact same reaction towards her. I appreciate the decision however the fact that she got trapped as a book again made me feel like it was pointless. The sacrifice scene wasn’t very touching. I would have found it far more moving if the characters tried to save her by fighting on their own will. Mustering their own strength and willpower for the sake of their adorable daughter would have been far more touching in my opinion.

It sounds like I’ve been doing nothing but rag on this series however I still found it relatively entertaining. These things aren’t aspects that I’d always critique; I’m instead using them to show why the film couldn’t really be longer with the context and events that take place. I hope that you’ve gotten something out of this and found your own ideas to what would have made the film better / longer. Films don’t have to appeal to me or be made to be something that I like so if you enjoyed it then good for you, I don’t know how many people like this show anyway so I just want to say that it’s ok to like this film and be different from me.

I can’t wait to see the comments detailing why this post couldn’t be any shorter – I’d find it hilarious.


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