The Top 5 Video Games I Played In 2016!

This list is seriously late however If I wrote it in December 2016 it’s better to release it late than not at all. Just to clarify this isn’t the top 5 games that released in 2016 just the ones that I played. And I played pretty much nothing and my only consoles are PC and 3DS.

Number 5: Terraria

I like this game because of the progression. Gathering materials and fighting monsters is fun and rewarding. Most of my enjoyment came from playing with friends, doing buildings and pranking until we finally decided to progress. I even stared in a Terraria Let’s play (which is now unlisted on YouTube).

Number 5: Piano Tiles

I hear you cry out: “That’s not a game, it’s an app!” but it is a game.. I mean you play piano tiles, not use it like you would an app.

The only real reason why this is on the list is because on paper, I’m good at it. I mean 317 Crowns! That’s enough for a monarchy or 317. I had the most fun when I first got the game, quickly outranking everyone, I got to rub it in their casual faces that I was level 10 and beating them.

Then I realised that my phone is really laggy during the game. But let’s just keep quiet about that. OK?

Number 5: Pokémon Shuffle

What’s this? Make a combo, BOOM! Instant success. What? A double combo? Is the world bending too my will? And you’d never guess… A tripple combo! My mind is a fire of adrenaline and glory, I’m phoning my friends to evangelize to what I just witnessed, something like this will go in the history books of brilliance! And… Wait. Do my eyes deceive me? Is this the legendary, supreme, masterful, ultra double tripple mega combo that will go down in history as the only combo to spark a sequence of angry abrasive fans criticising my game choices!

You combo… A lot… It’s pretty fun.

Number 4: The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

The missions of this game are cool and interesting. Dark brotherhood, fighters guild are all great with brilliant moments and twists that we’re strangely, satisfyingly predictable, if that counts as a thing. And the bards college! Hold on wait, theirs not a bard’s college in this game?

I’m sorry, I think I made a mistake, Um this probably shouldn’t be number 4. I was relying on a good bards collage to make me feel justified in my choices but this is just a let down. As a fan who played Skyrim first this is a little disappointing, or even embarrassing. Oh well, at least some characters look like bards. Oh and the arena is cool.

Number 3 Pokémon Go

I play pokémon go everyday and I really enjoy collecting pokémon, evolving and becoming the very best. With the new buddy system I’m somehow able to feel a strong attachment to these digital daemons. I give them all nicknames, theirs Pinsire, Deel, Smub, Kabuki, Fuma, Rul and Seirezhar! Take a guess at what the pokémon that I named Seirezhar was called. Made a guess? Ok, it’s a jigglepuff.

It really is a lot of fun thinking of nicknames for pokémon and the funniest thing is describing the naming process behind the pokémon. This is a tried and trusted method of nicknaming pokémon if you need any nicknaming advice.

As an example let’s look at Firin (a Chansey – google the pokémon in images). The “fir” comes from fire which is what it’s tail looks like from behind and chansey’s ears look like an emperor penguin’s so that’s where the “in” comes from. These things combine to make a chansey called firin.

Speaking of chanseys, here’s your chansey to hit like, share and follow! Sorry but I just had to Seel that chance. Bad joke I know but bad jokes are funny when you see the other persons reactions. (This was originaly a youtube video which I made so click the link in the bottom if you want to see a more condensed version.)

Number 2: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

I know generations is out but I didn’t play that last year. This game is epic, a series of massively hard boss battles. You have to grind so much to do well (which is fun). Me and a friend spent several days fighting the brachydios just for a 20% item drop!

I didn’t really sell that game very well but that’s what it is! The game will screw you over with grinding, item drops and instant deaths. But that’s the appeal, it’ll screw you over and you’ll like it!

Number 1: Anime

Anime is great, sure it has it’s bad moments but a lot of the time it has a great story and you know what’s great? You can play it in any order! You want to change from playing a chapter called Fairy Tail to a chapter called Squid Girl? You can do that! What about dropping a chapter? Sure you can do that too and it won’t effect your overall enjoyment of the other chapters! Downloadable content is added loads, every week at least 20 sections of a chapter are added so theirs always something to do.

I just realised has anyone even finished this game? I mean with content coming out every week, seemingly forever, how does anyone finish it? How does anyone keep up?

I guess you can play all the chapters online to keep up with the constant unyielding chapters for all of time! It will never be official when you’ve completed anime. It’s a game that goes on forever. It cannot stop. Will not stop. Never be concluded. So I should probably get back to playing shouldn’t I?

Thank you for reading this post. If you couldn’t tell, most of these were a joke as this is a jokey kind of post which is meant to be a bit of a light hearted contrast to what I normally write.


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