How To Get A Girlfriend: Mysterious Girlfriend X

The way this anime starts is completely ridiculous, the relationship happens in a stupid, unbelievable way that’s beyond possibility. Though it’s still heart-warming in its own weird way, it doesn’t hide the fact that the set up to this moment at the end of the first episode was completely unreal.

Don’t worry too much about spoilers from this post as I’ll only be talking about the start of Mysterious Girlfriend X (MGX) and how weird it is. This is a tried and tested method which succeeds in the anime however I don’t see it working in real life. So don’t try this at home! (This will be a joke step by step guide to how to succeed in this method)

To start off you must first have a crush that you care about greatly. This is not the person that you’ll end up being with however this step is still incredibly important and will contribute to a pivotal moment in the plan. Whilst doing this you must get a photo of her and keep it with you on all times – it will all lead to something good in the end.

During this time you must wait, patently for the right girl to show up. In the anime this person was a transfer student however she doesn’t have to be. The signs that you’re looking for is someone who’s pretty weird and looks ill constantly. The person in this anime had strange outbursts of laughter, denied friends and slept at her desk all day.

The essential part is getting some of her drool, if you cannot do this then go home, this method will not work. As well as this you have to do it in a way that she knows you did it but not instantly. Perhaps two weeks. In the anime Tsubaki took some from her desk which she was just drooling on.

So what’s next in this strange, unnatural, creepy, stalkery plan? The answer is nothing, almost. If you’ve executed the instructions correctly you will become ill for a long time (two weeks in the anime) and then the girl will realise what happened.

The reason why you became ill was definitely due to love sickness and nothing else. You’re suffering ill due to the fact that you’re going through withdrawal of her spit and nothing else. Then the girl will come to your house and give you more spit. The plan is very nearly complete.

So, due to this you will naturally start a friendship by drinking her drool each day. If you don’t like this idea, then you shouldn’t be taking relationship advice from an anime episode. After this you will ask her out and then she will ask for definite proof that you do indeed love her. This is when you whip out your picture from before of the old girl you had a crush on, rip it up, and then say that you’re over her now. She will obviously say yes after hearing that.

This is a tried and trusted method from anime that we can all learn from.  You can thank me later.

(P.S This show is ridiculous, do not copy this episode, watch the entire anime  because it’s pretty good!)


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