Konosuba Aqua Theory – Aqua Is Not Aqua!

Whilst watching Konosuba season 2 I found something strange in season 2 during episode three that could change the outcome of Konosuba permanently for the future. I don’t really believe that this rumour is true but I still think that it’s a real possible outcome. I know that I could just read the source material to find out but I don’t really care about that, it’s just something to think about.

The theory proposes that aqua is still trapped in the dungeon from episode three and that she’s been replaced. It’s not entirely impossible because characters have vanished before: Darkness was left out of 30% of season 2 so what’s missing 70% of the series?

Theirs moments in the episode where the characters find a mimic and aqua states that “Some of them even pretend to be humans in order to prey on other monsters” which gives me the impression that some trickery is going on. Once I’d seen this line I was sure that aqua was a mimic or was going to turn into one. Her behaviour during the dungeon reflects this, I hadn’t recapped season one before watching however I never thought that aqua was that good at magic. Therefore her being replaced with a powerful mimic who likes “to prey on other monsters” and can use powerful magic (transformation magic for a start) seems fairly likely.

After this Kazuma even claims that “somethings different about Aqua today!” so it seems that a switch is fairly likely.

The Kidnap Theory

You never actually saw aqua enter the dungeon and you just saw her appear next to Kazuma in the cavern, I can imagine this being the place where the mimic could appear as it seems very out of the blue. It’s also not clear whether aqua can actually see in the dark; I don’t remember at all. This means that a mimic – who should have been accustomed to seeing in the dark – would be able to see better than aqua and could have taken her place.

The contradictory part of this is that Megumin is unconcerned and aqua isn’t with Megumin on the surface. For this theory to be true a monster in the dungeon must have kidnapped her without anyone noticing.

I don’t believe that this is possible, Megumin’s not a total idiot and would know if aqua went missing so something else must be taking place for this theory to be correct.

The Switch Theory

This theory proposes that aqua did indeed enter the dungeon and was replaced midway through.  As a mimic would probably not reveal the secret of transforming into humans to Kazuma then it’s safe to assume that the switch would happen later.  Depending on how much power and knowledge a mimic has the change could have happened at two different points.

The first point that the switch could have taken place is directly after the mimic encounter and probably happens off camera when we’re not looking at aqua. This makes a lot of sense if you have no faith at all in the abilities of Aqua and would trust a magical chest over her power to use the magic circle.

The second place that this could happen is directly after the magic circle is used. This would mean that the mimic wouldn’t really need to know any magic and would be able to switch after. The reason why this can’t really happen at any other time as aqua directly referenced the part where they were all attacked and Kazuma vanished too aqua which a mimic who switched later couldn’t have known.

I don’t know which one is more likely however it really needs to be these two or the mimic aqua is a complete idiot. Actually based off of how Aqua acts after this it might be safe to assume that the mimic really is that stupid, Meaning that the change could have happened pretty much anytime.


So, what do you think of this theory? Due to the fact that Aqua has pretty much the same personality in the future I don’t really buy it – even if it is my own theory. I’d love to see feedback on how plausible this idea is and how you would react if I was actually write. Also if you’ve read the source material please tell me if this is true or false so far.

3 thoughts on “Konosuba Aqua Theory – Aqua Is Not Aqua!

    • As a Konosuba watcher and light novel reader (even thought the end will end differently in May), Aqua never changes. The only and only proof I have is the power that she has because she is the only Arch Priest with enough holy magic to destroy Hans (Slime), and Silvya (Movie Arc). It is pretty good that you came up with that theory, but I would love for you to work around on the idea that the Brute Mohawk guy might be the true Demon King. The light novel has not revealed the character, but I do hope is that guy. It would bring a different feeling of sumpathization towards the main villain of an amazing series. Lol

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      • I’m glad you liked the theory! I would not take it seriously myself either though as it’s only for fun. I made this theory when season 2 released this episode, and I’ve not even seen the film and don’t really know anything about what your talking about. But theory crafting is fun, so maybe if this is something your interested in I highly recommend that you develop the idea yourself since it’s your original theory!


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