What I Watched In March 2017 (Recommendations and Reviews for Anime and Manga)

As I’ve got a lot to talk about this month about what I watched I’ll leave shows that I didn’t watch very much of – unless I’m not sure if I will finish them. If you want to know what I watched you can find myanimelist to see all of the episode’s I’ve seen in the past three weeks.

Trinity Seven Film

I made a post about this already however I will still say that it sucks. I watched the original trinity seven series when I was still into harems and I didn’t really have much of a strong opinion of it. Now I can say that I really dislike it. Even for a short film it was needlessly long and had far too many characters that I didn’t remember in it. As well as the generic villain the entire thing really bored me just like the other films that I’ve talked about.

Please Tell Me Galko-Chan

I should have really talked about this in the previous one but I kind of forgot. It’s a short anime series where girls explore rumours about different random things that are sometimes quite rude but also pretty funny. I enjoyed it quite a bit but it wasn’t very memorable in my opinion.

Masamune Kun’s Revenge

My most popular post is my one talking about a theory about this anime and how Yoshino is going to betray Masamune. It became clear after a few episodes that the anime wasn’t going for this and was more trying to force a nice romantic relationship between the two main characters.

If I’m being honest I still think there’s an element of truth in the theory as Aki feels really sad that the old Masamune left her so I think that Yoshino still had something to do with it, re-watching the episode where Masamune got rejected as a kid I realised that Aki’s face wasn’t shown so it was potentially her in disguise though it would be pretty dumb and annoying if it was, especially since it would take away the main characters motivation of rejecting Aki.

I feel like this series lost a whole lot of steam as it progressed because the premise got boring far too quickly and lost its humour.  It feels a little unrealistic and if it wasn’t for the strong start I don’t think that I would have carried on in the series.

It was fine overall but I don’t think the latter episodes were nearly as good as the starting ones, I’m not really sure if I would actually watch a 2nd season if it came out.

Garzey’s Wing

This is known to be something along the lines of “The Room” of anime. The English dub is known to be funny and cringe and if it’s only three episodes then you may as well try and enjoy it ironically. The thing is that I don’t really find the voice acting funny, just weird and I feel like I get the convoluted plot enough to make me not find the quick pace funny.

I can never force myself to finish the last episode, it’s not good at all and I don’t feel like it’s funny enough in the dub to pull you through.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – part one

I really don’t understand the appeal of JoJo and I didn’t really enjoy it that much. The opening episodes were kind of interesting but I thought it wasn’t nearly as good as anyone says it is. I find it strange how people can enjoy the fights and find the plot interesting; an ancient mask that gives the wearer immense power sounds completely unoriginal and boring, just like any other anime. As well as this the fights are pretty awful and theirs a three episode fight halfway through which really sucks as nothing happens and it’s not important.

I initially was going to drop the show after these episodes but my friend told me that it ended at episode 9 and was actually pretty good after that boring bit in the middle. I didn’t think the fight with Dio was great but it was far better than any previous things but it was pretty dull in my opinion.

I never really cared about the characters or thought that I should care. All three of the main characters were bland and boring JoJo was the strong guy who fought and the other two watched and had the same personality, only sometimes watching.

Action is something that I really dislike anyway so I don’t really think that it was worse than any other action anime that I’ve seen, I just didn’t like it.


JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – part two

I only just finished this part yet I thought it was a good improvement on the previous part. The new JoJo is a bit more interesting and has a better personality than the previous. I also love how most of the time he’s facing enemy’s far stronger than him and needs to outsmart them instead of winning.

The annoying thing in this on is that I hate traditional strong villains. The idea of thousands of year old men coming back to life to concur the world is uninteresting as I really dislike these generic types of villains. I can’t exactly relate to them if you know what I mean and they don’t really have any personality.

The training sequences we’re actually far better and I enjoyed most of the parts where the characters didn’t fight. I didn’t really care about some of the characters and totally forgot who the robotic guy was with the strange hair.

I did really enjoy the ending though, despite not really liking many of the fights or other things I enjoyed and found funny the way the plot was resolved and how the characters reacted to it. The way that the main villain died was also quite disturbing and I liked it far more than other deaths.

I would have preferred it if the character that used the UV gun realised how stupid he was and was more apologetic for it but I really don’t care. It feels like the last part just happened for a satisfying ending which I didn’t really appreciate and I would have preferred it if there wasn’t a stupid plot device involved.

I don’t really care about the great fight scenes, visuals and animation which is why I don’t really like action shows; I don’t find them interesting or satisfying.


B-gata H Kei

This anime probably earns my award for “best anime I watched this month” and for good reasons. Much like the comedy of konosuba season one (where the joke was that the people were never leaving the town) the joke in this was that Yamada was never going to get the guy.

The idea of a girl trying to gain 100 sex friends in high school is hilarious when it’s not taken too seriously like in this anime.  Even though she was voted best girl in her school she has trouble even finding one for reasons made pretty clear from the start. She’s approached by guys but is scarred by still having her virginity and doesn’t like not being in control. This means that she has to fulfil this task herself and as you can imagine it doesn’t go well for her.

She thinks that a weedy nerdy guy would be the easiest place to start but it’s probably in fact the hardest. Due to both of their awkwardness theirs a lot of confusion and misunderstanding but it’s all pretty funny anyway.

You can kind of understand the motives and opinions of both characters and its enjoyable watching everything pan out. The signs that they both love each other are fairly obvious but its funny enough to make you not care and enjoy their journey.

I wouldn’t recommend this too many people but if what I’m saying sounds interesting then check it out.

Log Horizon

I’ve heard this being referred to as the better version of sword art online but I don’t really think that either is that good. SAO is just boring and this seems no different.

What I like more about this show is that it focusses on the personal and political ideals of living in this world instead of trying to escape this. I like this idea more but I still find each episode pretty boring and I rarely feel a reason to continue watching it due to the fact that the endings aren’t that great.

If you’ve seen my “What I want from anime: good cliff-hangers”(which is something that you should have read if you’re interested enough in my blog that you’d care about what I watched), then you’d know that I need a good reason to continue watching and Log Horizon really doesn’t deliver on that idea due to the fact that I’m just not that interested.

I recommend this over sword art online though due to the fact that someone could actually find it interesting.


It was very funny; even though they left the town I still felt that it was pretty close to the original style of comedy. I don’t like that the characters actually seem pretty good adventurers now as I found that funny but it’s not really too important.

I loved most of the episodes but for some reason I can only think of criticisms of why it was worse than the previous like the ones that I’ve just stated.

I think that if this continues we will see a very common pattern of each of the evil dude’s henchmen’s being defeated each season. I don’t really like this idea but I find enjoyment in the idea that these bumbling adventurers can save the world seemingly by coincidence of being in the right town at the right time.

Besides all this I loved the followers of Aqua and the comedy moments that came because of it.

Berserk Series

I came to hear of this series based off of its massive popularity and I thought it was a pretty terrible action manga. I was sourly mistaken and it’s already my all-time favourite manga after 4 volumes. After getting hooked on the first few chapters I made the decision to actually buy the manga. This was only possible because I never actually spent my own money on it; I had some amazon vouchers lying around and decided to spend them on this, a very good decision in my opinion.

This series is great and I’m planning a massive series dissecting Berserk manga and anime adaptations. I’ve decided to watch and read the manga at the same time meaning that I’ll be watching the anime and manga simultaneously for the most part.

This means that I’ll be talking about the films, anime’s as well as the moments and scenes in the anime that I find interesting.


This anime is about an otaku girl and her relationship with her brother. Unlike what I’ve heard from other sources the show isn’t actually about incest and focusses on the social impacts and drawbacks of an otaku life style and how you and other people should react.

It’s not the most interesting but it’s pretty good if you’re interested in how otaku’s act or are treated in Japan.



Well I don’t really get this anime at all. I think it’s supposed to have a big message or lots of symbolism but I can’t really be bothered to find out. It’s very popular but I don’t really think it lives up to its popularity.

I actually decided to drop this half way through just because I found it boring and uninteresting.

The World God Only Knows

The protagonist is a master of dating sims and he is suddenly tasked to seduce real girls, heard this premise before? I’ve certantly seen is before in places but I don’t actually think it’s that bad in this case. I write about these shows on the last day of the month (yes this is a longer post than normal for me to write in one day) so I’m only half way through this series currently but I’ve still found in pretty interesting.

Don’t take it too seriously and you may find is enjoyable enough to suspend your disbelief in the scenarios that’s going on.


Gurren Lagann

This is easily the best mecca show that I’ve seen. That doesn’t mean much though as I don’t tend to like action or mecca shows in general. This is another vastly popular one to talk about, I’m kind of afraid to criticise it.

I don’t really find the action interesting but the moments outside of it are alright. If you don’t want spoilers from now on just skip this segment. When that character dies early on I really didn’t care much as I didn’t really see a reason for why I should.

A lot of the talk I hear about the show is the spoilers that happen in it which makes me think that the rest of the story before the spoilers aren’t that interesting. I’ll try to finish the show but I won’t make any promises.

Umibe no Onnanoko

I can’t believe that this actually gets printed and sold in shops, it’s not very good. It’s a two volume manga that is really bad. I only read the first one as it had the entire volume all in one chapter and I think it was pretty terrible.

It explores the sexual lives of two teenagers and how the girl is using someone who fancies her for sex. It’s not very interesting to me and has needless nudity (far too many penis’) which I don’t really care for.

It’s not a doujin and doesn’t try and portray it in a provocative way and instead portrays is as a bad thing that the characters don’t necessarily enjoy. This still comes off as pretty bad and I would have dropped it after the first chapter if my manga app didn’t already download the first volume for me.


This is a one shot manga from the creator of Berserk and it’s very interesting. It shows men and women living in two separate worlds and the characters discovering love for each other.

It’s very futuristic and cool; the world feels very real and it succeeds in delivering a great story and establishing things in such a short amount of time.

Pretty Face

A guy has a tragic accident and has his face disfigured. Due to the fact that he has a picture of his crush in his pocket he gets her face! Fortunately the girl who the face belongs too has a long lost twin which he replaces.

It’s a funny comedy manga that lasted just under a year. It has funny moments and very interesting confrontations and moments at the end which leave a light-heated if not criminal message overall.

The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Manga

I continued this manga from where the disappearance film left off. I don’t normally go to library but I went after a visit to the dentist, saw the entire Suzumiya collection and then took out as many volumes as possible (10 or something) and I have to say that the final narrative to end the Suzumiya series is brilliant.

It’s a complex arc with more villains and more crazy time travel. It feels like an epic finale to a vastly entertaining and well loved series. You’ve got to read it if you even mildly enjoyed the anime or films. The fact that it didn’t get an adaptation to anime is really shocking when it is indeed that good.

Giganto Makhia

This is a single volume manga made by Kentaro Miura (the creator of Berserk) while he had his one year hiatus from drawing Berserk. It’s doesn’t have a great story but the art is brilliant and the world seems great even if the story inside that world isn’t.

If you’re a Berserk fan I highly recommend reading this and if you want a fun action adventure set in a fantasy world with strange men and giants then I recommend it greatly.


So thanks for reading this fairly long blog post. I don’t know if I watched a lot of shows or if I just had a lot to say about them. I also have another theory similar to the Yoshino theory for konosuba season two so look forward to that post, it should be fun! As well as this I will have a massive series of posts talking about Berserk in the future which should be similar in length to the king’s quest series (10 parts) so I’m looking forward to releasing that!

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