My Winter 2017 Anime Roundup!

I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the shows that I watched in 2016 but more importantly the shows that I dropped and my reasons for them. Soon I’m going to be starting a review series where I talk about every single anime that I’ve completed, dropped or left on hold so if I can summarise a few of them here instead of writing a post about them I’d find that far better. The reason why I give headings is so that you can easily skip shows that you don’t care about, you’re not intended to read everything just the ones that interest you.

Youjo Senki

Most seasons there’s an action show that everyone seems to like except for me. Previously it was 91 days, joker game and Hetalia the last witch and I’m starting to get used to this pattern. I really don’t find the supernatural powers of the main character interesting and it felt like she would just be overpowered the hole time whilst nothing interesting was happening.

The war story that seems to take place at the same time can’t really be interesting at all in my mind. Either the main character kills everyone or another overpowered character comes in and gives her an equal fight for her to win.

I’m sure it could be funny and entertaining but not for me, I dropped it because everything I saw in episode one just threw me off greatly.

Little Witch Academia

I dropped this basically because I have no good way to watch it; I hate pirate sites and it’s not on crunchyroll. As well as this the story was entertaining but not good enough for me to go out of my way to watch it. The characters and plot seem fine but not that captivating to make me willing enough to go somewhere else to watch it.

When the show finishes airing I will probably try to re-watch it again to see if I was correct in dropping it.


The tropes right from the start of this show wasn’t actually why I dropped it. I just didn’t like the idea, plot or premise of the show. As well as this they waste so much time at the start with making a relationship that it starts to get irritating. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never seen the other poster girl involved in this series and I don’t really care to see her.

Gabriel Drop Out

This actually seemed to be quite funny for me and I love the idea of it. The only problem for me is that I don’t really see it going anywhere because of the seemingly irrelevant jokes that took place during the starting episodes.

I don’t mind comedy if it’s funny and in this case it isn’t. The other angel girl who kind of manipulates the girl with the dog is another character that I don’t like as her time on screen is just boring.


I kind of felt tricked when watching this show due to the fact that I thought it would it would be much more different. Despite this I liked the idea of the premise but it turned out to just get worse and worse in my opinion. If this was on crunchyroll I might have finished it but the characters got more boring and more generalised to me as the show went on making me eventually lose interest and drop it.

Hand Shakers

This show was terrible. If you want to see a generic show then here it is. The only issue is that it will give you a massive head ache for no reason. I wrote and entire post about the first episode of this anime and each individual frame might look good but as soon as it starts moving your head starts to hurt.

If they could fix this issue I still wouldn’t watch it because the show was actually quite boring. The only reason why I continued watching the first episode was because the visuals were stylised and looked interesting. I genuinely didn’t notice that I’d got a head ache until I stopped watching for 5 minutes and then came back too it again.

This is probably the only show last season that was literally painful to watch.


The show is interesting to me but just not entertaining. I was going to write a post about the apparently strange nature of the main characters mind but I put is off and didn’t continue watching the series.

I didn’t really see it going anywhere interesting. The most intriguing thing for me was the main characters mind and his relationship with the female protagonist and I see that getting old very soon.

One Room

It just creeped me out, I wrote a long post talking about my most interesting points in detail and I don’t like it in general. I watched like 4 eps for that post before dropping it.

School Girl Strikers, Idol Jihen and marginal girl

These shows were simply forgettable. I had no idea that I’d dropped these or even seen these until I saw them on MAL. I don’t have anything to say about them – sorry.


Now we’re moving on to completed shows, this season I’ve completed 2 shows Konosuba season 2 which I’ve already talked about in the “what I watched” and Masamune Kun’s revenge which plummeted massively. I liked the show at the start where the premise was still interesting but it became a dull “will they won’t they” which I’m pretty sure won’t end any time soon.

As well as this there are three shows that I plan on completing. Yamishibai – I need to catch up on both season 3 and 4 but the other shows are Kuzu No Honkai which I’ve already talked about in another post so I’ll just talk about the last one I plan on completing: Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid.

The show is highly praised by lots of people and I enjoy it, just not as much as everyone else. I think it’s funny and heart-warming but it’s not something that I really think about or look forward too. It’s been hard to keep up with but I’ve caught up with all but the last one so I really hope that it ends well.

I also have dropped many other shows from this season e.g ONA’s and winter leftovers so I will continue this next time where I talk about them.


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