My Winter 2017 “Other” Roundup (OVA’s,ONA’s,Movies and Specials)

In the previous post I talked about all of the anime that I watched in the Winter 2017 season so now I will continue by talking about the shows that I completed or dropped from everything in the “other” section. You are not intended to read everything. The reasons why I give headings is so that you can only read the ones that interest you. The paragraphs might get very similar as I dropped almost everything in the “other” category so I actually encourage this.

Sousei No Onmyouji

I dropped this show very early because it looked like everything that I’d seen already. Unless a show is going to be able to offer much more than the average for action shows I won’t watch it. I think a pattern is going to start showing where I simply dropped things because I found them boring.

Detective Connan

I’ve only really dropped this show due to its extensive length. The show is actually pretty interesting in my opinion and the mysteries don’t get old (though I’ve only seen 30 eps so probably don’t listen to this) even if they are a little predictable. I remember reading the manga and loving it, the fact that it takes over 600 episodes or so for the main character to transform really puts me off though.

San Gatsu No Lion

The show really failed to connect with me and I don’t really understand or care about the main characters emotions and life struggles. The show is awfully slow and takes plenty of time to show that the main character is sad but doesn’t bother to tell you why. The lack of a plot also deters me from watching as everything feels pointless. Why watch a guy cry for 5 minutes if it’s not going to lead to anything?


I’m pretty sure this was in Chinese so that’s probably why. Also it was an action anime so even if it was in Japanese I probably would have disliked it.


I had no idea what was going on during this show. It was unfunny and I can’t believe they made it 25 episodes. I also don’t have interest in classical music (even though I play it on the piano) so the crazy references that they show aren’t funny.

Tiger Mask W

Theirs a very distinct way that I know if I won’t like a show even if it does get better and it’s due to the way the story is displayed for the viewer at the start. When a show has a very simple plot and premise (in my opinion) and I get annoyed by the slow way they explain it I know that I’ll dislike it. The opening was way too slow for an action show and I just didn’t find it interesting.

Ninja Girl and Samurai Master

The show had a very funny comedic story which came to a great, fulfilling and satisfying ending. Then it just kept going. When an anime ends well I feel very ok with just leaving it there I don’t like continuing farther.

This is also the reason why I stopped watching bleach. After the soul society arc I thought that it had come to a satisfying ending and I didn’t want to sit through another 100 episodes. This anime was similar but to a lesser extent.

Monster Hunter Stories, Time Bokan,Nyanbo, Koro Sensei Quest

When my points are quite similar I’ll group them together. These felt like children’s shows and didn’t really appeal to me in their childish nature. Whilst Time Bokan was more funny I didn’t think that it was funny enough to carry on watching.

The Ancient Magus Bride

This is a more unique one because I watched the first episode and found it alright. I then patiently waited for another week for the next episode to come out and… nothing. I waited some more time and there was still nothing. I basically forgot about it and don’t care anymore.

I only completed one show from the “other” category of winter 2017 and that was the trinity seven film which I’ve already voiced my opinions on. It’s funny how I drop so many new shows and there’s a good reason for this: I always want to try new anime out to see if it’s any good despite it not necessarily being my taste. When I watch a show randomly I normally opt for the safe shows which I’m sure I’ll like so that’s why there’s so many dropped ones on this list.

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