The Thing That Boku No Hero Academia Forgot! (Eps 2 and 3 of season 2)

This post is coming as a reaction and review to episode 2 and 3 of Boku No Academia Season 2 and the high stakes, engrossing race that took place during the time.

Whilst I enjoyed the two episodes and found them pretty engrossing and interesting on the most part there was this part that annoyed me greatly at the start and it was when the anime forgot that its characters existed. A common trope of races in anime is a single individual defeating everyone at the start to give them an advantage and head start over the others.

Pretty much every anime with a race does this but in this case I think it’s a terrible way to start for a super hero anime. Everyone is just so powerful that the start of the race should have been a simple mess of bodies.

Whilst the ice boy was able to freeze everyone, at the same time the levitate girl (I don’t remember any of the characters names in this show) would have levitated everyone and thrown them behind her; the electric dude would have zapped everyone; the sticky ball guy would have stuck everyone to the ground and everyone would have used all of their powers creating a horrible mess of powers and people.

I would have loved to see everyone use all of their powers at the start and it would have showed that the characters are still important. BNHA tries to express all of the characters as individuals, giving them their own screen time, lines and attention but it very obviously shows that some characters are weaker than others. To make these minor characters more relevant I would have loved to see them use their powers to the fullest and create a fun mess of a start line.

I understand if you don’t think this will translate to something entertaining or something that looks well animated but I think this would actually have been epic.

It seems rather unreasonable that the Olympics would be replaced with fighting teenagers so the scenarios that they get into really need to be crazy to warrant such an audience. A start to the race like I’m proposing would create a huge jam at the start that people would struggle to get through. All of the contestants would have to keep people trapped while also trying to escape. It would create a long slog at the start that would be painful to live through yet entertaining enough to the audience.

It might not have been the most entertaining but it seems to be the most realistic thing that could happen and it would explain people’s love for the U.A fighting tournament.

Anime doesn’t really need to be realistic as long as it’s entertaining and you’re able to suspend your disbelief. Boku no hero academia is an anime that I enjoy and will continue to watch despite these concerns and complaints.

Since this is a thoughtful episode review with points and opinions involved within it I will give them a strong recommendation and a good old 7 out of whatever won’t offend you!

p.s That part at the end where Deku won made me laugh and cry at the same time.


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