My Favorite Anime YouTubers (Recommendations)

I’m very sorry if you’re an anime blogger who struggles with writing as this fact might make you daunted. There’s nothing wrong with struggling to write and blogging is a good way to help you improve (It’s helping me) and I am 34 blog posts ahead with three posts per week at the moment. This means that all of the new posts that I write will be posted straight away without delay as it’s pretty nice and comfortable to be this far ahead. To celebrate this fact I thought that I might talk about some of my favourite anime YouTubers partially to recommend things to people and partially because they’re just really good!

Digibro, Digibro after dark, the procrastinators

Whilst Digibro’s main series content is analytical and intellectual. Both his main series and after dark videos are full of interesting thoughts, perspectives and ideas which are explored very well and in a satisfying way. He was the whole reason as to why I started blogging in the first place and I try to make my posts in a similar way that he makes his as I love his style so much (He’s a much better writer than I am so I don’t know if this is obvious or not).

His podcast “The Pro- crastinators Podcast” Is highly entertaining and features moderately popular anime YouTubers such as My Japanese Anime’s, Best Guy Ever and MUMKEY JONES!

Another podcast which he is in that I enjoy listening too is the PubCrawl which is a podcast in which they get drunk and talk about funny stuff! I’m listening to it as I’m writing now!

My Japanese Anime’s

This channel doesn’t upload massively often however when it does the videos are always good. He is a mix between analysis and comedy, talking about worthwhile points while still making the video massively funny and comedic.

My Japanese Anime’s also has many other channels with great comedic content as well.

Best Guy Ever

Best Guy Ever has a mix of anime and gaming content and he doesn’t upload often. His videos are highly edited and well thought out – everything is there and happens for a reason and his points are entertaining and funny.

He isn’t a huge anime fan but whenever he becomes passionate about an anime or manga then you can be sure that he’d make a video about it as he has the creative vision to show all the anime’s that he likes and explain fully why he loves them so much.

Mumkey Jones

His channel falls under the category of dark comedy. He plays a character called Mumkey Jones who suffers through depression whilst having to review anime at the same time.

His 50 part series “Mumkey’s Anime Reviews” builds up from dark comedy, to conspiratorial dark comedy and constant memes. He never really talks about anime but I think his bobobo review is well worth checking out and theirs a movie compiling all of the important scenarios that happened throughout these reviews so you can catch up in a day if you really don’t want to see (You should want to see because his videos are hilarious).


I’m hesitant to include this as I dislike most of their videos. They basically read through a manga dramatically giving you the key points. Almost all of their voices are terrible and horrible to listen to but some people might be able to bear them, I can’t.

The only series that I watch is their berserk series as I find it fun and interesting to look back on what I’ve already read.

Super Eyepatch Wolf

His videos are highly edited, coherent and interesting. He often talks about a show that he deeply loves and has a strong, emotional attachment too and details his personal experience in an entertaining way.  His videos are also analytical with interesting points and he adds extra information about the creative process as it’s interesting.

My favourite video of his is the berserk video as it made me watch the show in the first place and made me respect the show way more than I first thought.

The Pedantic Romantic

He uploads very frequently and talks about anime in a way that interests me. When he tries to be funny I think he is and I always come away from his videos thinking about the points that he said. His konosuba season 3 was something that I took into account while writing my “comedy needs to feed into itself” series even though I wrote it before the video came out.

It’s quite funny as there seems to be a strangely intimate relationship between the pedantic romantic and Digibro as they both have talked good things about each other excessively and it seems like some behind the scenes circle jerking might be taking place…


If you love Hunter X Hunter then this is the channel for you. He talks about so many aspects of HxH that I never really thought about. Much like everyone else he analyses these aspects of the show extensively and it’s some great content.

I hope that you’ve got some interesting YouTubers from this list and that you might like at least a few of them! I put my channel at the end as it was worse than all of these so be sure to check that one last unless you don’t find any of the other ones interesting. Also please don’t mention this blog or blog post in any videos as I’m trying to keep this secret from my friends.

Also if you want to recommend anime YouTubers in the comments then your welcome too. Just don’t expect me to respect you if you recommend Glass Reflection, Gigguk or any of the akibento people.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Anime YouTubers (Recommendations)

    • yeah awesome! I’ve just been listing to Digi’s improv songs all morning on after dark, I find that I somehow end up being able to watch everything he does so I’ve come to really enjoy it all. Good to have company! 🙂


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