Production IMS: The Worst Anime Studio of All Time?

Using I made a post talking about how Diomedea could be my favourite studio of all time but this time I will be using it to try and find my least favourite and it could very well be Production IMS. To judge this I will be talking about the qualities of the anime’s that I have seen and the potential chances that I’d watch a different show from that studio.

Date A Live II

This season was pretty terrible, as it only adopted this from another studio they didn’t really have much to build on. Theirs some alien girls that look exactly like humans and the main character has to make them fall in love with them. Whilst at the time I liked the idea, I feel like it was executed poorly and in an extremely trashy and uninteresting way. Think about every trope that you hate in a light novel adaptation – I don’t even know for a fact that it was adapted from a light novel  but it feels like it was and it sucks overall.

The way that the girls fall in love with the main character is very trashy and unrealistic to a terrible degree. The characters added in this version also are boring. Whilst it does maintain some kind of plot it’s very forgettable and generic. I would not recommend even though I found it a little interesting mainly for its comedy whilst watching it for my series of harem posts.


This studio has an immense number of trashy and terrible light novel adaptations which I won’t really bother to go into. This is one of them so if you want to know about hundred you’ll get pretty much the same by re-reading the previous statement on Date A Live.

The only real difference is that the girls aren’t aliens.

Masou Gakuen HxH

This studio really, really does create a lot of trashy light novel adaptations doesn’t it? If you want to know more about this anime re-read my statements on Hundred.  The only real difference is that there’s more fan service.

The story and characters are far less funny than anything else this studio has made and this just seems like a stupid gimmick. It’s very similar to the next one that I’ll talk about however its far worse due to the stupid high school, meccha setting.

Shinmai Mao No Testament

If you want to know more about this… read all the previous ones. What’s good about this is that it isn’t at a highschool setting most of the time and the story is far more original than most – If you count really strange rituals and extreme fan service far more closer to hentai than any anime that you’ve ever seen.

It’s a terrible story but I feel like I’ve got to give it slightly more respect due to the fact that it goes where most viewers wish the trashy harems would go. So if you just care for fan service and don’t want hentai… Actually don’t watch this, you may as well watch hentai instead.

High School Fleet

This anime isn’t actually a harem anime for once and it follows people who are learning to drive a ship to a school. It has an interesting plot twist yet I found myself getting bored while watching far too easily meaning that I don’t think it was that great.


Now that I’ve talked about all of the shows from this studio that I’ve seen let’s move on to the ones that I would watch if I had more time.

Shows That I would Watch If I Had More Time

  • Inari Kon Kon – looks funny and seems a bit like Haruhi. I’m quite sceptical though.
  • …I guess there aren’t any.

Shows That I definitely wouldn’t watch

  • Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu. – looks like everything I’ve seen already. It’s another fan service action show with art near identical to hundred and date a live.
  • Joukamachi no Dandelion – Slice of life and super power? Seems like another Soul Eater NOT type thing except worse based off of track record of shows that I’ve seen already.
  • Active Raid: Kidou Kyoushuushitsu Dai Hachi Gakari – looks uninteresting and not my genres. It’s both a comedy and a police drama with an extremely disappointing MAL score so I’m not interested.
  • Fantasista Doll – I would want this to be good but I think it will just be boring. It’s about a card game played by little girls and judging by the art style I think it won’t be competitive or interesting at all.


And there we go, that’s currently everything that Production IMS has made and it’s not very impressive. I vaguely think some of their shows are alright and I’m interested in one yet most are pretty trashy and horrible. Just to allow other studios to be worse than this one I’ll give it a 2/10 even though I’m leaning more towards a 1.

Please don’t feel annoyed this is my opinion. If you disagree please leave a message justifying why the show that you like is good and I am wrong, I’d love to get someone else’s perspective on something like this.


2 thoughts on “Production IMS: The Worst Anime Studio of All Time?

  1. Haha oh my God! I don’t recognize any of these names except Date A Live!
    Funnily I haven’t event watched that either…

    If you take it from my perspective; you’re dead right, probably the worst studio out there…

    Liked by 1 person

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