Highschool DXD: Plot With More Plot?

Let’s not beat around the bush, High school DxD is a very fan service orientated show which doesn’t require much attention to detail, thinking or knowledge too watch. It’s a very simple action harem show. I will be reviewing all three seasons in my quest to review all 155 (and counting) anime on my completed list so let’s start with the first season.

Season one is probably the best and most interesting. It needs to set up the harem and then teach the viewer about the concept of the world. It does this though fun comedy moments and exposition coupled with fan service. It’s very generic in terms of getting the harem and it doesn’t feel well earned at all, something that I enjoy in harems is a good reason for them to exist in the first place. The characters just fell in love with the main character because he’s strong (I don’t find that very interesting) but the characters are still likable even though they’re still tropey.


The start of season one is far better than the end due to the fact that I like the calm jokey moments far more than any serious story. I don’t really feel bad about saying this but it has a terrible save the girl plot line which kind of sucks, never seen that before am I right?

On the whole the show suffers from the problem of the fan service and comedy being much better than the actual story. People who claim that it’s got both types of good plots are simply mistaken.  The humour and fan service elements were far more entertaining than the story so it leaves you wanting just that – because it’s hilarious. Not that attempting to fit a narrative in is a bad thing; it’s just off-putting to have the characters fight a guy who can destroy the world whilst still sleeping with each other every night. It just tonally doesn’t fit, causing the main story to suffer due to it not feeling serious.

The other narratives in the next season are also pretty boring. The thing to consider is that I didn’t find it that interesting but I still watched it anyway, meaning that it’s at least interesting enough to keep your attention for twenty minutes. The last season ruins some of the characters for me, the main example being Rias.

Despite the fact that Rias and Issei aren’t in a relationship she acts far too possessive of him, she’s always the excuse for why other characters can’t confess and it sucks for that reason. It feels like she detours everyone from Issei while doing nothing with him herself. Needless to say she’s a pretty bad waifu. Akeno was much better and had some very funny moments later, she doesn’t care that she’s his third choice which is pretty sad but far better than what Rias was doing (nothing at all romantically).

Overall if you want a good action show don’t watch this. If you want a good fan-service show then don’t watch this. If you want a fan-service comedy then watch this, that’s all I can really say, I don’t really like recommending something like this especially when theirs other great anime out there. Even some hentai’s have a more interesting story -not that I’d know though 😉 – so due to these reasons High school DxD seasons 1,2 and 3 get a 5/10 for just the comedy and fan service alone, without this it would probably be a 2 or a 1.


4 thoughts on “Highschool DXD: Plot With More Plot?

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