Hatsukoi Monster: The Premise Is Not Funny

Much like my review series of trying to review every single episode on my completed tab I’ve also decided to write posts explaining why I dropped all 99 of the anime that I’ve seen. If you’re worried about me running out of ideas for my blog (which won’t happen) then there’s also this review series that (assuming I do 4 posts a week) would take 64 weeks, so I think I’m safe. So that being said let’s take a look at Hatsukoi Monster which I dropped after two episodes. If you want to know how I decide which one to review I use a random number generator and whichever one it shows up on I talk about. This time I got 33 – First Love Monster.

I feel like this romance comedy expects you to find it funny due to the age of the main characters. The fact that these ten year olds are so huge is not really funny in itself, once the first realisation is over the comedy quickly loses its focus.

When you see these three kids playing around it surprisingly feels normal and not weird, which goes against the joke which is simply the premise. I can tell that they will either try to add a conflict where the male love interest needs to save the girl or will just continue to add and flesh out more boring characters until everyone actually stops watching.

I also feel kind of sorry for the female character; her first love interest ends up being a boy half her age and intelligence yet double the size. All I can say is that she’s going to get what’s coming to her for her strange life decisions.

The annoying melodrama was irritable from the start and no conflict had even showed up! The future of the anime looks extremely redundant; does it really need 12 episodes? The first two could be summarised in a few sentences so I think not.

The things that they needed to express were mostly ignored as well. Did you know that the female character is rich and treated very will to avoid conflict with her vengeful family? Did you know that this entire part of her character is the reason why she fell in love with the main character?

The personalities of the entire cast is infuriating too me. The template characters of the energetic boy and the normal shoujo school girl who doesn’t understand herself is the kind of thing that I hate in this kind of show. I’m not one of those people who like to see every trope in every possible combination, it’s a bit weird.

I’m often a fan of a show for launching straight into the relationship and cutting out everything that happened beforehand but in a way I feel like it would be to the show’s advantage to do the opposite, just so we could laugh at an innocent girl liking a character far too young for her and how she deals with the fact that is couldn’t and shouldn’t be.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my justification for dropping this show, we’ve got one down and 98 more to go!

3 thoughts on “Hatsukoi Monster: The Premise Is Not Funny

  1. First Love Monster had a terrible premise but I still gave it a couple of episodes but like you dropped it mid-episode 2. It isn’t funny, and the basic idea behind the story is disturbing. With no interesting characters to distract you from the lack of humour or actual plot, there just isn’t any reason to watch this.

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    1. Yeah the premise is both disturbing and stupid. I’m sure the show has some appeal for someone somewhere but I don’t think anyone could enjoy this show unless they bought into the light hearted humour (which would be very difficult to do) or enjoyed the light hearted nature of the show.

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