The Boring Conspiracy of FMA: Brotherhood

When I told my friends that I dropped: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood they were shocked, they thought that it was outrageous that anyone could dislike the anime (They didn’t care that I dropped the original) and told me to re-watch it.  As it was a show that I dropped because it was boring I decided to pick it back up to see if it was any better and now that I’m 13 episodes in, I can say that that I’m enjoying this show a whole lot more (except for episode 13 which was terrible).

The problem is that I don’t know how long this enjoyment will last; I don’t see the plot going in direction that will be interesting any time soon due to the way that the conspiracy is set up.

The main villains are shown at the very start and are completely uninteresting. The fat guy is extremely boring and the female villain is very one dimensional.   She seems cartoonishly evil in a way that I’ve seen very many times before and the fact that she appears to be the mastermind makes me have even less faith in where the series will go in the future as I don’t care about her boring character.

I think this is a problem caused by the decision to reveal the main villain early. We are never really left in the dark as to who the main conspirator is and as a consequence, the conspiracy feels a whole lot less severe. The problem of the main cast not knowing who or what the conspirators are is undermined by the fact that we know everything that the villains are doing and we also know that it’s not that much. So when we see the characters spend so long trying to look for them I find myself not caring because we see the villains way too fairly often.

As a consequence of the villains’ boring nature, most of the action becomes even more boring. I dislike action in anime anyway but if it won’t mean much in the end or if it’s with boring characters I really couldn’t care less. What I’ve liked about the action so far is that some of it has led to emotional character moments such as the one where Al thought he was a doll.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one with complaints like this so I’m hoping that the conspiracy and villains will become more interesting. I saw episode 14 about ten minutes ago and realised that all the villains were named after the seven deadly sins which makes them even more boring as they are all literally named after a common trope which was already uninteresting.

Every time I go into an action/ mainstream show that I don’t have much interest in, it gets compared to all of the other shows that I’ve seen of a similar nature. Is the payoff as epic as the Hunter X Hunter Chimera ant arc? Are the schemes as complex as the ones during death note? Are the visuals and fight scenes as good as the ones in one punch man? Is it as funny as Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo? In all of these cases FMA:B is so much worse.

I can only hope that the conspiracy is much like the epicenes of the chimera ant arc from HxH. It has an incredibly slow and boring introduction which eventually leads to the most masterful and epic arc yet.

So that’s what I’m hoping for, I want to be minding my own business when suddenly the rug gets pulled out from under me, the plot thickens and I realise that the villains and conspiracy was a lot more epic than I first thought. I am still doubtful though…

If you have a free 40 minutes please consider listening to me ramble about the first 13 episodes here:

Also it you disagree with my thoughts on the first 13 episodes then please feel free to try and change my opinion, I’d like to be convinced otherwise because then I’d fall into the majority!

2 thoughts on “The Boring Conspiracy of FMA: Brotherhood

  1. If you aren’t hooked by the characters and if action isn’t your thing then you probably aren’t going to end up enjoying it anymore than you already are. While I agree that I also found the villains pretty flat, I had so much fun with the rest of the cast I kind of loved watching them dash about and doing whatever. Plus, Ed works so hard and fails so often it is just kind of heartbreaking and then you get so happy when he actually succeeds at something. But I get the show doesn’t work for everyone.

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    1. Thanks, I feel like I was valid in dropping it at first but I think I’ll keep watching because I’ve enjoyed a lot of the emotional aspects (the conflict where Al thinks he’s a puppet made me cry) and the rest of the show has been slowly improving for me. It’s a show where I expect it to be bad (because of the villains and where I think the plot’s going) but will keep watching while I’m at least enjoying it a bit.

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