Why I dropped Space Patrol luluco, To love ru and mitsudomoe

I’ve decided to change the format of the way I talk about anime that I’ve dropped and justifying my reasons for it. Instead of elaborately detailing everything I’ll detail just the few small things yet talk about why I dropped more than anime one series.

The first one is mitsudomoe, a show about three troublesome sisters and the teacher in charge of them, who has a good heart yet is fairly incompetent. Each girl has their own trope personality e.g. the sadist and the nerd to try and create a comedy scenario. Whilst it wasn’t entirely boring the scenarios weren’t the most interesting or funny and felt dry and stale whilst watching. Why should I care about these horrible students and terrible teacher?

I struggle to relate to the main character even though I’ve been stuck leading games with uncompliant children myself, and I can be the first to say that there’s always a way that these children are controlled and made to enjoy the game instead of ruin it. These character who ruin the classroom and the teachers balls would receive a mad shouting no matter how meek the teacher was, especially if their dumb 9 year olds.

I can relate and understand the idea of a newly graduated teacher with good intentions yet massively incompetent. I’d have appreciated it to see this being explored but I don’t get the impression that it will be the case. All I see in the future is a bad comedy that doesn’t really do much.


The next show that I’ll be discussing is Space Patrol Luluco which I dropped after 6 episodes. I know that this is very well liked but I don’t really understand why. The comedy scenes aren’t funny, the space plot is a little unrealistic and annoying (not a fan of space and sci-fi) and the characters seem bland.

Each episode feels way too long even for short episodes and I don’t really like how nothing seems to happen or that there are no steaks involved. Many characters have something called plot armour and this show seems full of it lowering the tension of me when coming in to watch.

The low scale romance plot line also is bad just because I don’t find any of the characters or their transformations interesting.


The next thing that I’ll be talking about is “To love ru” which I probably dropped unfairly. This is a very clear harem anime and falls into the generic version of a harem (read my six post series dissecting the harem genre) and needs to do a lot of things for me to like it. Such as being funny or having characters and character designs that I like.

I also downloaded the first episode onto a really terrible app that always played ads constantly and since it’s not on Crunchyroll there was never really a good time for me to continue watching. This is going to be an issue that will crop up again in the future and is perfectly valid. If you don’t want to use a specific medium to watch it because it’s not worth it then you don’t like the show enough to continue. It’s as simple as that.

I hope that you’ve found something interesting about these three shows. Be sure to tell me the appeal of space patrol luluco so that I can understand why people liked it so much. See you in the next one.

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