Darren Shan: Vampires Done Correctly

Since I’ve decided to review every single anime that I’ve completed and dropped I thought that I might start another series where I attempt to review every single manga that I’ve read or dropped. Unfortunately most anime books that I’ve caught up too aren’t yet over so I’ll also be talking about ones that I’ve caught up with. Since I’ve only completed 14 manga’s (On MAL) and I’ve already reviewed and talked about 8 of them I might actually be able to complete this one!

The first one that I’ll be reviewing is a fairly unknown manga called The Saga of Darren Shan which is an adaptation from the books (which I’ve also read). It follows the story of a normal human turned into a vampire and a huge war against a strange sub set of vampires called the vampanese. I’m not making this up!

The first few volumes focus on introducing Darren to the life of a vampire and its strange customs. Through this he travels to a brilliant vampire city with a wondering circus troupe to face trials to see if he’s worthy enough of being a vampire (or something).

After this the manga launches into an epic war story of the two types of vampires. The difference between them is that the vampires won’t ever kill or indulge however the vampanese will murder constantly. These tendencies cause the vampanese to grow huge and become blue, theirs a clear difference.

The war story is completely different to anything that you’d probably imagine, not in a brilliant mind breaking way but in a fun unexpected way. Due to taking influence from the more popular book series (which I got in to after reading this manga) theirs many differences that you wouldn’t expect with twists that come completely out of the blue and fun side stories to alternate worlds which take place during the war but are very self-contained and still relevant.

The tension that it creates towards the end is brilliant and makes the ending feel great even if you don’t like what happened you’ll still appreciate the things that took place.

As well as this, instead of the standard one dimensional villain that often appears in this kind of show the villain is relevant, fleshed out and cool and helps to push the narrative further. Though his mind-set is pretty floored it’s still understandable.

Despite it being a mainly action series it has a fun romance side story of a forbidden love between a human and a vampire. I’ve never seen or read twilight but I can guarantee that this version of vampire love is far more interesting – it’s actually good. They don’t put too much attention towards it for it become obnoxious but they’re still able to make you care strongly about it, which is cool.

I definitely recommend trying this and sticking with it for at least a volume, if not the books are pretty cool as well (though I read them a long time ago) so theirs many different ways to view this. If what I’ve said sounds interesting or you’re just into action manga then check it out now.

Due to these reasons The Saga of Darren Shan gets a 7/10. I hate rating things in a review format but if I’ve already rated it on MAL I see no reason not to put it in.


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