What I Watched in May -(recommendations and reviews of anime)

May was an interesting month for me as I didn’t end up finishing a lot of shows due to the fact that I mostly watched longer anime’s. Therefore I’ll be recommending and talking about things that I haven’t seen completely just so I have something to talk about.


It’s been a while since I have seen a sports anime and this is a really good one. I like the innocent and brilliant sportsmanship of the main cast and they have the kind of competitiveness which I find interesting to watch.

I see it getting repetitive over time but so far it’s been pretty good and enjoyable.

Thermae Romae

The main character is a roman architect who makes the roman baths. Instead of having any originality he goes to the future to the Japanese baths for ideas and it’s really funny. The comedy is very innocent as it often comes from the main character not knowing anything and then realising something amazing.

It’s very funny also very short so it’s easily watchable in a night if you have the time.


Summer Wars

It should be known by now that I normally have a very controversial opinion on classic anime films and this is no exception. I thought it was boring and terrible. I couldn’t get invested in the characters and the story was completely uninteresting too me.

It had a fair amount to say but the fact that I got it didn’t mean that I thought it was good. A lot of it felt obvious and childish. From all of the movie advertisements that I’ve seen I thought that this would be far different. I expected a slice of life / romance show with an outdoorsy feel, I thought it might turn really sad in the end but wasn’t completely sure.

What I got was family drama about a family that I didn’t care about and a dumb save the world plot which was given way too much attention.


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This was something that was very difficult for me to get into. I’ve dropped this many times due to the boring conspiracy, villains and episodes at the start but I’ve found that this anime does get better and I’m now enjoying it a whole lot more.

My friend told me to just watch the whole thing and that I wouldn’t regret it, so far I’m glad it did. If you find that the opening episodes of FMA:B are dull like I did then it might be worth continuing. It doesn’t get that much better or change dramatically, it’s like it’s the same but now I actually care about it.

Zoku sayonara zetsubo sensei

The comedy humour is brilliant; I’ve got a post in the pipeline about how I enjoy the main character’s whacky antics and why it works so well. The comedy isn’t for everyone but it’s a good show.

It can also be fairly serious some of the time but it’s infrequent enough to make it not come across as cliché. This show brings to my head the thought that it’s a parody of typical cute girl tropes. Instead of different kinds of cute girls they have a cast of insane and messed up characters with serious flaws and it works to make all of the episodes brilliantly funny.



Last month Gurren Lagann to a surprising lack of criticism well this is going to make you hate me even more. I dropped Evangellion after three episodes.

I don’t like mecha’s and I don’t really like the characters at all. I also don’t care about the plot especially as it seems awfully slow. Due to the fact that people love it so much I hope that I can come back to it in the future and enjoy it. But for now it kind of sucks, so I dropped it.

Genshiken (anime and manga)

I read the first few chapters of Genshiken and loved it immediately, it’s a slice of life series about some nerdy otaku’s and I love the aesthetic of the series. It seems to capture the fun innocence of otaku coupled with some of the more serious aspects and consequences of the lifestyle.

The anime looks like it will be quite similar so I should enjoy that as well.

The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

This comedy is brilliant and all of the short episodes are funny. If you like comedy anime at all you need to watch this due to the funny characters and moments that revolve around a psychic main character.

It doesn’t have much substance but it’s a cool and fun comedy which is why I love it so much.


Yu Yu Hakushow

It doesn’t strike me as particularly amazing but I’m enjoying the show enough to carry on watching. I’ve heard great things about this anime so I hope it delivers.

I only started watching a few days ago but you should check it out if you’re a fan of shounen action as it looks like another shounen action series.


Golden Boy

I saw one episode of this 6 episode short and it was ok and heavily fan service orientated. I don’t really know where it’s going but it’s short and entertaining enough to make me continue watching.


So that was my short overview of everything I watched in May. As I don’t want to come across as a blind movie hater if anyone can recommend me some good comedy anime films then I’d appreciate it; I might actually find it good for once as I really value comedy in anime.

As well as this, you can go here https://myanimelist.net/profile/RossiRoad to find absolutely everything I’ve seen the past three weeks (It’s quite a lot).

The winner of best anime I watched this month is The Disastorous Life of Saiki K: It’s just that funny and the winner of best manga is Genshiken – I read other manga but this was the only one I actually wanted to talk about.

Winners Table for Best Anime I watched in a certain month

January 2017 – Kaiji

February 2017 – Mysterious Girlfriend X

March 2017 – B Gata H Kei (My fascination for Berserk didn’t start until April)

April 2017 – Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Dub)

May 2017 – The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

Winner for Best Manga I read in a certain month

January 2017 – One Piece

February 2017 – Mx0 (though I didn’t actually mention it in the post)

March 2017 – Pretty face

April 2017 – Berserk

May 2017 – Genshiken


12 thoughts on “What I Watched in May -(recommendations and reviews of anime)

  1. How can you not like Summer Wars? That was one of the shows hyping up Mamoru Hosada’s talent that can “be as good as Miyazaki”.The movie is clunky, but his experience in Digimon resulted in incredible fight scenes. the little precursor to Google controlling everything is also a nice touch. This was released in 2009 though, and it was a standout of its time.

    I hate Thermae Romae. The joke is that modern toiletry is amazing, but I don’t like the “I love Japan, this country is better than Rome” thing they were doing. It’s the same thing for Hetalia. It has a joke I just don’t agree with. The made light of the holocaust, gawd damn it.

    If you love Hunter X Hunter then you’ll enjoy Yu Yu Hakusho. The two shows have similar main casts, including color scheme, and Yu Yu Hakusho is a big fave of mine. In the Philippines, from the 90s to today, this anime has aired repeatedly. That’s 30 yrs of non stop Yusuke.

    If you finish Golden Boy, give me your thoughts on the motorcycle episode, ok. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment! Sorry for not liking summer wars, believe me, I don’t like going against popular consensus but I find myself doing it more and more often for films in particular. I tend to have a seriously unreasonable dislike for films in general and I can’t really explain why. In the case of summer wars I didn’t find the characters or story interesting so I ended up disliking the film overall.
      You were talking about Hosoda being “as good as Miyazaki” (or at least nearly as good) but I also have quite an unreasonable dislike for Ghibli films as well, so I’ve never thought Miyazaki was good. Most films I can’t connect with, it’s weird and I don’t want it to be that way but it just happens to me whilst watching. I don’t like Shinkai films either. The only anime films that I remember I enjoyed watching were Akira (because I watched it with a friend) and the first Berserk film.


    2. So I saw the motor bike episode and… I think I would have liked it more than most people, it was still very strange though. My favorite episode of Golden boy so far is episode two where they did an insane plot twist at the end – it was pretty cool. I’ve got a whole 700 word post about it coming up in July for a special project I’m doing.


      1. I knew you’d like it though. I dunno why, but I just had a good feeling about it. Hehe.
        I forgot the second episode. It’s about that election thing, but I forgot the ending. It had that scene where he was hugging a toilet though. Good times.
        And I’ll look forward to the post. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah thanks, the second episode is when the girl thinks she’s a manipulator but it turns out Golden boy was manipulating her! It ended with the girl trying to frame the MC as a rapist but then falling in love with him because he took the responsibility anyway.


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