Berserk: How To Introduce A Great Villain – Part 2

The villain of Berserk is spoiled in the manga so while the overall villain is introduced early in the manga it’s introduced late in the anime so avoid this if you care about spoilers and are planning to read this manga or watch the anime – You’re in for a good time as long as you don’t watch Berserk 2016. We’ll continue our analysis of the introduction of Griffith in the manga during the Guardians Of Desire Arc to show just how well he was introduced.

Showing Griffith looking down on Guts from the top of the stairs is a visual representation of the power over him and he reveals that the brand only bleeds more when you’re near a stronger demon. The power of this demon (Griffith) causes him to fall down the stairs in pain and agony unable to get at him.

Even when he comes again using momentum for a second swing his massively strong sword which can chop people in half does nothing and is bounced back off of an invisible surface and then thrown across the room.

What’s great about this is that the god hand thought that this would be impossible for him to do. The fact that Guts has the fighting spirit to return a sword strike shows that whilst these villains are incredibly powerful they are still beatable due to miscalculations. They said he wouldn’t fight back and that “He’s finished” but they were wrong. I see this idea coming up again in future battles against the god hand as they’re powerful but not perfect.

The god hand also succeeds in becoming great villains due to their treatment of the count. The count was powerful enough to nearly kill Guts and he gets seriously mistreated by the God hand showing their power once again. They’re portrayed as evil by requesting a sacrifice of the two most things the count holds dear stripping him of his humanity. It portrays them as terrible sadists who love suffering.

They then show Guts and Griffith on the battle field helping each other. Griffith then comes out with a strange quote.

“What is my place in the world? Who am I? What am I capable of? What am I destined for?”

This shows the ambition of the younger Griffith and sort of shows us the ambitious person who he is. He doesn’t really know what’s going on and seems to just be getting on by living. This shows that when he had the chance to sacrifice Guts he took it because he wanted to see what he was “capable of” and what he was “destined for”.

They also show that the god hands are the leaders of hell who trap people. Puck can sense massively evil spirits of skeletons just floating around continuously demonstrated in the full panel shot of the world.

“It’s only a small portion of course…this is… hell”

This may be overdone by now but it keeps on showing his power. Not only can he control the people who are alive and have massive impacts on them he also controls the dead showing that they’re impossible to escape even with death. These skeletons are trapped for eternity and Griffith really doesn’t care showing his emotionless side.

The dead then drag the count to hell. They look gruesome, horrifying and Griffith has full control of them like they’re a pack of vicious yet loyal dogs with no personality.

When Guts gets carried off by the same group of skeletons he fires a bullet from his arm which killed the count; it does nothing to Griffith and he’d dragged off while Griffith just smiles.

Through these encounters we are able to see Griffith as a terrifying villain with a cold and dark personality. It helps to set up a real conflict that’s interesting and that the reader looks forward too while they see the entire extent of Griffith and Gut’s backstory.

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