“The Story Already Exists In My Head” – (Writing advice)

The problem with writing stories besides the fact that writing is hard is all of the small things that you need to do to make a narrative work. I find that the overall problem is that the story already exists in your head so why should you write it? It’s something that I’ve struggled with for a long time with my longest story ever reaching 7,000 words followed with 5,000 and 4,000. The reason why I’ve stopped at these places is because I’ve just got bored of writing, I felt like the story already existed in my head so it was pointless.

I was facing this problem whilst thinking of another book to write called “The Second King of Sevren”  as it was such a well thought out narrative in my head that It was so annoying too write. I found it much easier to just summarise the narrative. But I’ve recently found a way to get past this in the writing stage. It’s too add more interesting things, make stuff up constantly. If you’re creating things that don’t already exist then it becomes much more interesting.

When I had the idea to introduce multiple perspectives I found it much easier to write and then summarise. Here’s what I wrote in five minutes to summarise everything.

“A villager escaping conflict flees too capital corona in Kova. Here he gains an unlikely friendship with a mysterious man. He takes him too stone briar in for rest but finds himself kidnapped underground to do an experiment for a curse that the king of Sevren is attempting to place.  He escapes and reports this too the city police who unexplainably throw him into prison. One day he’s broken out on the condition that he pretends to enter the castle as the king of Sevren. The princess is then assassinated and the guy is thrown into a different prison. The real king of Sevren then shows up and kills him. He then goes to a weird hell and agrees to be reborn on the condition that he kills 30,000 people to pay for his return to life.

The king of Sevren kills his entire family in order to become the king; he feels a vile drive to kill 30,000 men. After this, he rampages across the kingdom of Wevren with the king of Kova in order to take over. As he’s doing this he raids a village that’s in Wevren but gets seduced by a Wevran woman and then has a child. Years later he is counselled too backstab the king of kova and attack them, the king of Sevren then kills the king of Kova. He mauls through his enemies until he arrives at the gates of capital Korona, he then breaks into the city having killed 29,999 soldiers wanting the princess too be the last victim until his goals are fulfilled. He instead gains the last life by killing himself.

The princess of Kova learns of the fate of her father and attempts to improve the fortifications and army of the city. She receives important information and is manipulated by Garth Shren (the hand of the King) into making some questionable decisions. Despite this she still does her best for the city. The king of Sevren comes early and she tries to convince him to have peace with agreeable terms, she also finds the origin of the curse mark and starts to remove it. She then gets kidnapped during the night and thrown in prison. She doesn’t know that his is done with the intent of keeping her a hostage to threaten the kingdom of Evren (The king’s wife is from Evren and is there due to a marriage alliance). She is ill with the curse mark. One day she is randomly released and shows up at her castle which is in ruins.

Garth Shren is the hand of the king and helps to run the city with the princess. He in reality is the person that the villager runs into outside the walls; he tricks him into going to the inn. He takes him into the experiment laboratory for testing. He is spreading the curse marks through infecting chickens. He also is easily influenced by the corrupt rich people in the city to make decisions that benefit them instead of others. He also comes up with the idea of pretending to send the King of Sevren in, this is to create anarchy while he attempts to gain information about the princess and curse in order to further his own personal goals. Once he doesn’t find enough information he pretend kills the princess in the night to gain the necessary information. He throws up the prisoner and then is concerned that the king hasn’t taken over yet. He goes out to the ruins and sees that everything’s gone. All of the time he was being manipulated by the rich nobles.”

This was made extremely quickly off the top of my head and I have to say that it was far more interesting. Say you’re already doing this and you just can’t get into it, I’ve also got a solution. It’s to change where you start from.

I wanted to start from where the villager appears at the gates of the capital city however it was just boring to write. Instead by focusing on something I found more interesting to start with (The death of the Sevren royal family) it was a lot more fun to do. I don’t have to put the current chapter first but I could if I wanted so it’s just about getting the words on the page.

I was able to add things and create a much larger story by creating names, events and interactions to make the murders happen in a more interesting way to me. As a consequence my world was more fleshed out and benefited because of it. Somehow the dullness in my story helped me to write something that was better in my head.

So if you’re writing or thinking about writing take these considerations to improving the quality of your story and making it more interesting to you. I hope that this can help you get your story that already exists too you out on paper.

If you want to see how an eleven year old 4th in line to the throne murder his way to becoming king be sure to follow because I will probably upload the first chapter as a blog post.



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