Berserk: The Egg of the King Film – Not For New Fans Of Berserk

Films are something that I find pretty difficult to like and I often tend to dislike for reasons that I can’t really describe. It’s normally a mixture of things I dislike and my short attention span that cause me to lose interest half way through. If you want to know how much I dislike films then I should tell you that I found Princess Mononoke and ghost in the shell pretty boring and I’m not referring to the new live action version!

Mabey it’s my dislike for the standard type of storytelling in films that made me enjoy this anime film a lot. While I do admit that I wouldn’t have really understood anything if I hadn’t read the manga or watched the anime I don’t really care, after all I did watch the anime and read the manga so I understood it all fine. As it didn’t really subtract from my viewing experience then I really don’t care.

What I loved about this film was their willingness to change scenes and moments quickly. I find films that try to stick to one overarching story pretty boring as I tend to undermine the characters actions as unimportant and generally don’t care by the end because I know they’ll win anyway. The fast pace story was much better for presenting more ideas and more action scenarios in a shorter amount of time.

I can only really forgive the three films for everything that they cut out as they really don’t have that much time. This film has a runtime of 80 minutes so over three films that brings us to roughly 240 minutes and roughly 4 hours. When you take this into consideration I’m fairly glad with the progress that this film made. I look forward to seeing the next one and seeing all the drama that takes place. I myself am fairly critical of the start of the golden age arc even though I love it. The medieval castle battles tend to become very similar to each other and the drama and character moments mainly serve as set ups. In this way I’m glad that a lot of it was skipped to save time.

In the Berserk anime and manga there was a constant on-running villain that returned to most Berserk battles. He acted very comically and felt like a comic relief character constantly with insane plot armour. All interactions with him felt a little unimportant due to the fact that the characters actions had no real effect on the villain. In this case I was glad that it was skipped as it is much worse than the overall rest of Berserk in my opinion.

I’m not really sure what to think about the show skipping Gut’s back story and instead showing the messed up flash back. As the film really didn’t have much time to go into details then I felt like they did an alright job in telling you Gut’s back story. They did just a good enough job to make you know that he killed someone who he cared about and had a seriously traumatic life before the story started. That’s good enough in my book.

The only real problem for me was that Casca didn’t really feel like a main character in this film and was pushed to the side in some cases. This is something that I dislike but can live with because I liked the rest of the film anyway. I also know that Casca will have her moments later so I’m not too bothered.

Overall this film was really entertaining and far better than most over films that I’ve seen as I could actually make it to the end of this one. I can’t recommend this over the manga and 1997 anime though. It is far worse and is very difficult to get into for new fans of Berserk. If possible I recommend reading the manga and anime at the same time (as the events happen) and then chose which one you like best to watch or read the final eclipse arc at the end as it’s truly epic.

So that’s my review of the Berserk Egg of the film review I bet it was the only review of this film that you’ve seen that didn’t talk about 3D animation… oh wait. As well as this I absolutely hate the letter box visuals of all films but I could overlook it due to my enjoyment for the film.

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