My Favourite Scene In My Hero Academia

Since Boku No Hero Academia is running I’ve remembered my absolute favourite scene which is very moving, it nearly makes me cry every time I watch it. It takes place in episode two of season one and it’s all because of the build-up to it and the simple action that follows.

This moment takes place during episode two and is really delivered well based off of what we already know. We are introduced to the amazing and crazy quirk abilities which seem to give the wielder immense power and we also learn how desirable a good quirk is. We can naturally relate to Midoriya for his desires due to many things.

Firstly we can see his obsession with super heroes through his love of the all might scene and his numerous note books probably about every single super hero, It even features people’s power’s in his own class! This is significant as his main rival is kacchan, someone that he should by all means hate, is featured immensely in this anime. He feels a great amount of respect for him for almost no reason what so ever and we hate him as the audience.

After seeing that  kacchan will never get his quirk we are subject to  kacchan’s constant bullying and criticism of the quirkless Midoriya and feel bad for him. The thing that really makes the scene I’ll be talking about shine is the fact that  kacchan still has ambition and still wants to be a hero. He just simply wants to be and doubts that he can.

The scene begins with a rumour about a high school kid being eaten by an alien with Midoriya very nearby. He then sees  kacchan getting eaten and he feels bad and still respectful, he’s impressed that he’s able to last so long which shows his thought of inferiority. The people then cry for all might and his help while he’s in his deformed form nearby. He clearly feels shame and trouble as theirs nothing that he can really do, he is much like Midoriya in this situation: powerless.

We then get an anticipative wait for a hero to show up. They feel powerless and have no control whatsoever of the situation, you can see the desperation in  kacchan’s eyes and Midoriyma can’t stand this. He hates to see someone who he looks up too in pain so he moves to save him without thinking. He knows that he’s being dumb but he goes to help anyway. He actually helps momentarily but he just ends up clutching at nothing to try and save him. The other heroes and people can only stare as Midoriya shows them up for not doing anything.

All Might who sees this feels put to shame and unleashes his power to stop feeling humiliation and saves  kacchan in his place. The day is saved but the thrilling part of this scene is still not over. This changes all might for the better and taught him values that he hadn’t learned from anyone else. He was glad that  kacchan made him into someone who wasn’t all talk. The fact that Midoriya tried to help despite his fears and lack of quirk spurred All Might on to save the day.

He then goes to say that Midoriya has a common trait with most other successful superheroes and that’s that “Their body moved before they had a chance to think.” He is then told by the world’s strongest hero that he “can become a hero”.

This scene is brilliant for the emotional impact that It has, it is true for me that this scene (or set of scenes at this point) always makes me cry; tears were shed during writing this post. It’s such an impactful and emotional scene and I love it.


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