JEARETTAS anime project announcement (Give me suggestions)

If you take nothing else from this post please leave a suggestion for an anime that you want me to talk about in this upcoming project.

Ever since I’ve started anime blogging I’ve been completely confused by the community’s love of episodic reviews as I always thought they were strange. After all, anime’s weren’t written or made (in concept) one episode at a time so I’ve always thought that it made no sense to review them one episode at a time.

I also thought that most people would find them uninteresting as most of the post would describe the episode instead of giving opinions on it. Therefore, I’ve decided to introduce a project called JEARETTAS! Or “July(ke) episodic anime reviews even though they all suck!” Whilst the project title sounds condescending to episodic reviews in general it refers to a specific type of episode review, some are inoffensively fine but I’m talking about the type that’s written just for the sake of it even when the reviewer doesn’t have anything in particular to say. Also it’s just as much referring to my episodic anime posts just as much, except for a certain series that I’m very happy with.

This means that for the entire month of July (and the month of July only) I will be reviewing anime episodes daily for these reasons:

  1. To see if episodic anime reviews can be any good and if all of my perceptions are wrong.
  2. To experiment
  3. To try and think more critically of an episode as I watch it so that I have more to say and consider the episode in the moment instead of retroactively looking back on the series once I’ve forgotten all of the episodes.
  4. Reader suggestions. (let’s face it, it’d be pushing it so say that I had fans)
  5. I want to rip off MIAMAFV and JKIDDBMBJKIB!

This is a project that I won’t be taking massively seriously; I just need at least one episode review out a day in July and I have 29 posts written already so… I think I’ve got this. This means that theirs most likely going to be several coming out in a day as I’m preparing for the project now.

Due to the fact that I’m not taking this seriously I want to take the time to announce this project now and then ask for suggestions of episodes that I’ll review. The only reason why I won’t watch your recommended episode one is that its hentai, I’ve already seen it, or it’s ongoing. If I’ve seen your show already I’ll tell you what I think of the series as a whole in the comments. Though, I will be able to tell if you’re just trolling despite the fact that I’ll probably review the episode anyway.

So please leave suggestions (even if you think it’s annoying) on what content you want me to cover as I’d be very interested in talking about shows that readers actively like instead of just finding stuff to watch on my own. I don’t know how common reader suggestions are but I wouldn’t want people to go through the entirety of JEARETTAS without seeing a show that they like so it makes sense in my head.

Also if you want to recommend me something based off MAL then here it is:

7 thoughts on “JEARETTAS anime project announcement (Give me suggestions)

  1. Episodic reviews is for discussions. Back in the days, bloggers actually join together and talk about episodes in a weekly post. Since every opinion and point of view is different, and anime fans are volatile by default, the discussions tend to be lengthy.
    Also, some fans didn’t have access to anime back then, so bloggers often report on the episode.
    I’ve never done it, but episodic reviews are actually fun.
    I hope you try and enjoy it.

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  2. The reason I don’t like episode reviews is because they just end up being one long synopsis.
    Every episode of magical warfare will give you something to talk about.
    first episode KINMOZA!
    Yona of the Dawn Episode 12

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    1. Thanks, I’ve already seen Yona of the Dawn but I’ll probbably watch the episode anyway. I thought Yona was good at the start but I felt that it went down hill because I started to find it all boring, especially the action. I’ll watch ep 12 anyway to see if I still hold the same opinion. Thanks, also I don’t expect you to read these posts considering the fact that you said you don’t like episode reviews! (I hope you’ll give them a chance anyway – I actually give my opinions instead of just a synopsis’s…)

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      1. episode 12 is beautiful and the only one worth watching in that entire series (even I go back and re-watch that one episode).
        I do follow some bloggers who do well with that format…however, most of the time they are horrendously lazy.

        *A synopsis is not a review!*

        The Severing Crime Edge has an amazing 1st episode.

        I will give you a chance! you could be amazing at it.


        1. Thank you very much! I’ve already written about the first episode of KINMOZA and I’ve seen eps 1 and 6 for super sonico posts so I’m already getting them done! Some of my posts will be just comedic though so be wary of those… I’ll also watch everything else you mentioned at some point!

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