Berserk: The Battle For Doldrey Film

This Berserk film is very similar to the previous one and covered what I would expect it too. My brief opinion is that it was worse than the first film yet still alright, I feel like the extra run time was actually a detriment to me as I started losing attention towards the end. Despite all this it covered what I expected it too in an interesting way.

The film started in the way I expected it too with the character interactions with Guts and Casca in the cave after suffering during a battle. They did a good job at developing her character during this moment yet it focussed on some of the parts that I dislike about Berserk.

When reading the manga I find it quite easy to read action and I can read it very fast and quickly. Miura also keeps the action fairly short in my opinion and makes it fast paced and interesting for me to watch. The problem with some of the action scenes in this film were that they felt a little slow and drawn out.

I don’t want to see Guts make some stupid decisions in a fight. Even though he’s a brilliant swordsman he won’t deliberately disadvantage himself any more than he needs to by doing a ridiculous action move.

The same reoccurring villain that constantly shows up was done badly though I think it actually does it better than the anime by not really focussing on him much. He feels like a very minor villain which makes you not notice him much – which is good.

The casca flashback is done very badly in my opinion. Whilst the first Berserk movie didn’t give much detail away this flashback basically told you everything whilst being obnoxious. The movie tries to make the scene feel more dramatic by using blurring effects. This doesn’t help as it’s an entire scene that gets repeated and it feels needlessly traumatic as it would achieve the same effect without the crazy effects that were added.

One thing that I find quite interesting was not revealing the leaders attraction too Griffith and their history. The emotional impact of leaving it out is therefore reduced however in this case the film gives it a different meaning. Everything is implied and the emotional impact is that Griffith is so adamant about his dream.

The only annoying thing that I found was the lack of opposition towards Griffiths rise to power. One enjoyable thing about the anime was seeing the reactions of everyone at court and their actions to stop him. Whilst we did see this in the first film we missed the best part of this in the second. I loved the manipulation with the poison and fire plot to kill the queen, it really did a lot to put Griffith in higher regard and show his great power and scheming abilities. This being skipped wasn’t too significant but I felt like it was an important moment.

Besides this it ended quite well with Griffith getting captured. I reckon that it serves as a great set up for the next film. I predict that it will feature a short part of the rescue and mainly focus on the eclipse for the finale.

Overall this film was pretty good but lacking in some areas which made it suffer more than the previous. The animation didn’t bother me but the letterbox view was seriously annoying for me. I recommend it if you like Berserk and have seen the anime and manga of it.


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